R&B Fridays: Episode 54

Here it is: my last R&B Friday for around a month. Don’t you worry though, we’ve got plenty planned to keep you supplied and satisfied.

This week has material from a really wide range of artists and styles, from established artists like Timbaland to newcomers such as Sammie. Good stuff to keep you going until the surprises in store for you next week, be sure to click on and enjoy some R&B.

Rich Hil-Our Love
-It’s always hard to categorise Rich Hil’s style, and this one is no different. Flitting between a hip-hop, R&B and alternative style as ever, this is one of the more melodic efforts I’ve heard from him. A moody acoustic backdrop provides fitting support for Rich Hil’s diversity, and this is definitely one to check out.

Ciara-Ride (Bei Maejor Remix) ft. Andre 3000, Bei Maejor and Ludacris
-This is the final mastered version of the remix previously posted here. Andre’s verse is moved to the opening slot, whilst Ludacris’ verse from the original is tacked onto the end. Enjoying this mastered, high quality version and it’s nice to have the Luda verse back.

K-Young-The Way 2 My Heart
-Very futuristic and almost ‘slow techno’ style beat that K-Young has gone for on this one. This will probably take a couple of listens for you to fully catch it properly, but it is a decent one that makes for an interesting listening experience.

3OH!3-My First Kiss Remix ft. Ke$ha and Gucci Mane
-The lineup says more than I can. It’s alternative-pop, with a big catchy hook and there genuinely is no other way to describe it!

Verse Simmonds-I’m Just Saying
-Pretty simple, minimalised beat which seems to suit Verse well on his tracks. Not many rappers manage to do these beats without sounding terrible, but Verse makes it very listenable. Certainly not as catchy as Buy U A Round, but probably a more rounded track as it isn’t as hook-reliant.

Dwele-Dim The Lights ft. Raheem DeVaughn
-DAMN! The fact these two are on the same track is awesome, and the track itself is utterly superb. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything smoother, more relaxed and more fitting for your bedroom than this one. A brilliant blend of old-school with new-school, these two fantastic soul voices come with one of the best tracks I’ve heard in recent months.

Mavado-Can’t Believe
-Some dancehall sounds to keep the reggae/dancehall heads going, Mavado lets loose of a big club stomper for his latest effort. I’m more a fan of his melodic stuff, but this is definitely a good sound for the summer. Much more club oriented, and better than most club tracks around these days.

Timbaland-I’m In Love With You ft. Tyson Ritter (of The All-American Rejects)
-Told you it was diverse today! If there was any doubt remaining that Timbaland is purely a pop artist these days, let those disappear with this track. Very mainstream track, which isn’t my thing really but I do like Ritter’s voice and this will probably be a big track this summer.

Sammie-40 Days 40 Nights
-Sammie’s maturity and refinement continues with this one. A slow jam in every sense, this one has Sammie bringing some very versatile vocals to this one. The production is really simple, and allows the slightest adjustments in his voice to come through well.

Olivia-Daddy’s Lil’ Girl
-Decent effort from Olivia. I never really used to listen to her stuff when she was relevant, but I have to say that all of her recent drops have been decent. This is another slow jam and acts as a dedication to her father, which is rare to find.

Sean Garrett-Summer Love (ft. Bun B & Yo Gotti)
-From his upcoming Inkwell mixtape, this is marginally better than his sh*t minimalistic stuff of late, although that’s partly down to the Bun B feature. I still don’t get why Sean is trying to be hip-hop, when it is the R&B stuff of his ‘debut’ (in Japan anyway) album that made people enjoy his solo music. This is a bit better though, with more singing from Sean.

Natasha Bedingfield-Speechless
-Really like this one, surprisingly. I’m not usually one for this sort of mainstream pop stuff, but I’ve always appreciated her voice and she seems to do this music a little different to the other female artists. Possibly that slightly indie edge to her style that makes it different, but whatever it is it works for me.

K. Michelle-Can’t Do This
-Produced by her mentor R. Kelly, there are hopes that this will act as K. Michelle’s breakout single. It’s a decent, if unspectacular, effort which will find favour with most of the readers of this stuff. It’s fairly standard R&B, and hence will go down well with you lot.

Nneka-Heartbeat Remix ft. Nas
-The soul-reggae sounds of Nneka are fairly new to me, although I’m aware that she’s been active for quite a while. I’m really, really liking this one though and the hook is absolutely fantastic in both the production and the staggered vocals. Nas adds some nice raps as ever, and this is one that everyone should be looking to check out.

Marsha Ambrosius-I Hope She Cheats
-Well, that’s one hell of a title! Marsha launches a scathing, yet soulful attack on the man of her attention. Really good to see this sort of brutal openness and this is definitely entertaining listening.

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