R&B Fridays: Episode 53

Consistency is the key, and like last week there are 18 tracks for you to check out. Pretty much full of names you should be familiar with by now,  giving everything a go this week is made a lot easier in that respect.

Savour these episodes-next week could be my last R&B Friday for a few weeks as I’m going away. What/who will substitute for them you ask? Wait and see. Still one more to go after this one though!

Enrique Iglesias-Heartbeat ft. Nicole Scherzinger
-I really dropped the ball here-I was supposed to post this last week, but completely missed it out for some reason (probably sleep). As you’d expect from the artists involved, this is a pretty inoffensive pop affair with a memorable hook, and will make some moves in the charts. Possibly a bit more of a winter track though.

Bruno Mars-Voices In My Head
-It’s been a couple of weeks since new Bruno dropped, and I’m glad we’ve now got some more! As seems to be a growing trend, this one effortlessly blends R&B, soul and a slightly indie sound together to create an distinctive and unique sound. Really simple production, that is ably supplied by some great vocals as ever from Bruno.

Jeremih-I Like ft. Ludacris (Club/Uptempo Edit)
-You may recall the original version of this from last week, and it has to be said that I’m preferring this version considerably more. The production definitely gives it a much more differential impact up against Birthday Sex, the similarity to which was my biggest criticism of the original. Worth giving a go for sure.

Slim-In My Mind
-Since dropping his debut solo album, the 112 frontman’s leaked material hasn’t been the best-thankfully, that’s no longer the case. This is a smooth bit of R&B with an almost haunting beat that makes a really good change from the usual R&B we get. The production picks up steam for the hook, and I have to say that this is one of his strongest tracks to date.

Trey Songz-Take You Home
-Enjoying this midtempo effort from Trey, which I believe is a mastered version of a track leaked (with tags) many moons ago. The beat has a likeable incongruence with the lyrics, in terms of the lyrical type being usually reserved for slower songs, but instead being layered over a bouncier, more energetic production. Works for me, good effort.

Casely-Way I Treated U Before
-Casely’s managed to grab a Neptunes beat for this one, and it suits him quite well. He’s always had a knack of doing well on the more ‘modern/futuristic’ style of beat, and this is no different. Pretty laidback track that will slide into a summer playlist nicely.

The-Dream-In Time
-Not from his new album, but instead a demo for an unconfirmed artist. Hence, it sounds considerably different to his usual fare, but as ever it still sounds really good.  Must be a demo for a pop-oriented artist, such is the style of it, and it’s a likeable track for fans of that sort of stuff.

The-Dream-Ever Since
-May as well pack the other one next to it, as this is yet another demo track. Liking the soft acoustic backdrop on this one, and I could again see a decent pop artist doing a good job on this. Not sure if they’d be able to top The-Dream’s work on this though, as he takes this beat on really well.

Mayer Hawthorne-Held the Hand
-Mayer is one of the newer soul singers (if not the only) that genuinely has my attention. He’s got a fantastic voice and style, with incredible versatility. Definitely makes soul accessible to the more modern audiences, and this short track is the perfect introduction.

Keyshia Cole-Someone Tell My Heart
-What a voice this woman has. Thoroughly captivating listening, with a beat that progresses really nicely along with the strength of her vocals. Bordering somewhere between R&B and pop, this is a track that could appeal to a really wide range of people.

Pleasure P-1 More Drink ft. Lil’ Jon
-Club banger? You bet. Lil’ Jon brings the energy on a beat that sounds very similar to Trey Songz’s Say Aah, and Pleasure P definitely keeps the tempo up with his performance. Not much more to say, it’s one to dance to for sure!

Loick Essien-Love Drunk
-UK artist Loick Essien (who like me, you’ll probably know from his appearance on Sway’s last album) releases a single that’s really getting some buzz on the internet (well, Twitter at least!). The quality isn’t the best as its a YouTube rip, but its easy to see why its popular. Some dub/electro influences in the beat, with some likeable and catchy vocals on top makes for a potential UK smash hit. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Kelly Rowland-Rose Coloured Glasses
-Rowland drops off a big, powerful effort which represents another different direction to her recent stuff. Very Leona Lewis-esque track from a production standpoint, but the angst and defiance in the lyrics/vocals definitely give it a bit of an edgier and different sound.

-Seeing as the Mayer Hawthorne track was a more new-school soul sound, I’ve still gotta get something out for the old-school heads: what better track to use than the comeback of the legendary Bilal? Whilst this isn’t going to be on his upcoming album, it does serve as a reminder of his ability and distinctive vocals. Great smoothed out soul track.

Nicki Minaj-Your Love (Ted Smooth Remix)
-Nicki’s latest single undergoes the Ted Smooth treatment, and he does a good job again. Using Kanye’s Diamonds instrumental, he adds a completely different feel to the track and it works pretty well.

R. Kelly-Pregnant Remix ft. Tyrese and Chris Brown
-Loved the original, and Chris adds some vocals of his own to the track. He does a really good job too, and would have slotted in nicely alongside the others on the original. Definitely one to check out for both Chris Brown fans and those of you who (rightfully) liked the original.

Sammie-Make Pretend
-Interesting slow jam from Sammie. He’s definitely maturing with his music, and his sound becomes more refined with each track. The comparisons to Trey Songz are going to be pouring in after this one, as the track definitely has the feel of some of the tracks on Ready. Sammie does a good job in that respect, providing vocals and a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on that R&B classic.

The-Dream-Turnt Out
-Closing out with a track that is set to be on Dream’s album, and was officially leaked by The-Dream/his website. As a result, it has Radio Killa tags all over it, but you can still hear just how good the track is. Classic Dream beat, with a slow atmospheric style and he brings those superb (and versatile) vocals to deliver great verses and an equally good hook. Can’t wait for this album, it’s shaping up to be awesome.

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