R&B Fridays: Episode 51

Good amount of stuff in here for your enjoyment, without swarming you with too many tracks. As ever, there’s a lot of variety with some upcomers, newcomers and established artists all contributing this week.

Couple of R&B posts this week you may have missed: the final version of Johnta Austin’s Close Your Eyes, and the official video for The-Dream’s Make Up Bag. After those treats, click on for some more.

Johnta Austin-Oh What A Feeling
-Might as well continue on with some more Johnta. This one has a nice bounce to the production, and has Johnta singing from in a much more upbeat manner than usual. Enjoyable effort that retains the smoothness Johnta’s tracks are becoming known for.

Soulja Boy-Pretty Boy Swag

-Miguel’s collaboration with J. Cole has really picked up some buzz, which is superb as it is a very good track. Nice to finally get some new stuff from him, and it’s pretty good too. The lyrics are really good, and his vocals are on form throughout.

Chris Brown-Curse ft. Diddy
-I’ve 100% heard this beat somewhere before. Maybe on a demo track or something, and I think it was a Trey Songz track. Anyway, it’s pretty good. The beat is atmospheric and slightly eerie, and Diddy contributes well to it. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up as a track on the Dirty Money album.

One Chance-Guardian Angel
-One of the better, albeit inconsistent, upcoming R&B groups deliver a decent piece of R&B here. Really chilled out, mellow and one that’s nice for a hot summer day. Good vocals throughout too, a likeable all-rounder.

Lil’ Jon-Like A Stripper ft. Pleasure P & Shawty Putt
-Exactly what you’d expect. Lots of energy, fast tempo, potentially massive club track. Nothing groundbreaking of course, but take it for what it is and it fits the purpose well.

Marky-Bulletproof Remix ft. La Roux
-Probably not R&B, but I’d imagine it will find the same fans. Really good remix of the La Roux smash hit, adding some hip-hop percussion to the track along with some great flows from Marky. Very good remix, shouts to the GWHH boys for this one.

Cee-Lo Green-What Part of Forever
-One from the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack, Cee-Lo’s great vocals are put to good use over a pacey production with some likeable supporting vocals. Another very good soulful track from Cee-Lo, with some indie/alternative elements that work really well.

Trey Songz-Flatline
-Nice to get some fresh original material from Trey, and this one is in keeping with the growing maturity in his tracks. This one acts as a lyrical dedication to a significant other, and is very well done throughout. Good all-round effort.

J. Lewis-Dancin’ For Me ft. Flo Rida
-As you would expect, this is another club oriented track. As with the Lil’ Jon track above, if you take this one as the simple R&B club effort its meant to be, then you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Sterling Simms-Why You Wanna Love Me
-Sterling’s material is becoming rarer and much better simulatenously. This is a superb slow jam from Sterling, with great vocals in the verses and a smooth verse transition. The hook is catchy, and is one of his stronger tracks to date.

Bobby Valentino-Phone # ft. Plies
-Previously dropped here, this is just the final/mastered version with an added Plies verse. Otherwise, it’s the same.

Macy Gray-Help Me
-Liking this new Macy Gray stuff. As per every week, this is one for the soul heads and has that tasty old-school vibe to it. Simple and bouncy production is complimented well by those addictively-rough Macy Gray vocals.

Taio Cruz-Higher
-A bonus track from Taio’s US release of Rokstarr, this is an uptempo club track that could have done pretty well on the album over here. Dance-influenced production is complimented well by some good vocals, and the track will definitely go down well with the mainstream fans.

Brutha-Can’t Get Enough (Sexaholic) ft. Jadakiss
-The final version of the single we dropped a couple of weeks ago, I’m still enjoying this one and will do more so with an added Jada verse.

Sophia Fresh-This Instant ft. T-Pain
-Another club track from T-Pain’s proteges, this is similar to the above club based tracks in that it provides pretty much what you’d expect with an uptempo beat accompanied by some simple lyrics/vocals work.

-Closing things off with another superb Miguel track. This is a slow jam that shows off Miguel’s voice really well, without needing a flashy beat or extravagant hook. That’s not to say neither are good, as both the simple beat and the emotional chorus are superb and supplement the vocals very well.

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