Nas: Early ‘Demo’ Recording

We’re all (or should be) familiar with Nas’ classic debut Illmatic from 1994, but here I’m giving you some of his early work whilst he was rolling with Kool G Rap and MC Serch trying to get himself signed.

“This is supposedly the original demotape that Kool G Rap and later Serch shopped around (more likely it’s a collection of tracks from around that period). All of these songs have been widely spread on the internet, showcasing a pre-illmatic Nas that already shows the promise of one of the greatest. On some tracks like ‘I’m a villain’ and ‘number one with a bullet’ you can still hear the G Rap influence dominating his style (the Kool Genius of Rap also features on the latter), but on tracks like ‘Déjà vu’ the brilliance of Nasty Nas prevails. ‘Understanding’ also features the first ever appearance of a young AZ.”

Get your Nas goodies here.

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