Killah Priest-The 3 Day Theory Review

Killah Priest is a busy boy. It seems only weeks ago since he dropped Elizabeth and matter of fact, doesn’t seem that long ago since I was bumping Beautiful Minds with Chief Kamachi. Having been kindly sent an advance copy (no you can’t have it) of The 3 Day Theory I feel it is only right to do the man the justice he deserves by way of a comprehensive review.

Teaming up with the classic Gun 4 Gun producer Kount Fif, Priest ensures that production is all coming from the same page which in fact could be a double-edged sword; will 3 Day Theory be seamlessly integrated or painfully repetitive? The answer? Well somewhere in-between actually. In this case though it is far from a bad thing. Read on.

One thing you can guarantee from the ever-consistent Killah Priest is deep metaphors, symbols and spiritual undertones. 3 Day Theory manifests that typical Priest content which will have you running round in circles over and over.

The lead single Shadows which I knew I recognised from somewhere (Reef The Lost Cauze’s Crown Of Thorns anyone?) has Priest spitting within regular territory (video here) and the albums’ highlight, Betrayal, with fellow Wu-affiliate Cappadonna sees Kount Fif replicating a Supreme Clientele-era RZA to superb effect. Always great to see other artists step up to the plate and on Psalm of Satan, Non Phixion duo Sabac Red and Ill Bill come through over some cinematic board work providing crisp and on point lyricism from all angles.

Features have been carefully selected by Priest throughout and the handpicked numbers come strong on their respective verses. The Destroyer, Democracy and Circles are good examples of this, the latter with an excellent creepy, introspective backdrop in place with characteristic Wu strings. Whilst Empuls verse on Brolic helps keep entertaining an otherwise average track.

What we do see on 3 Day Theory is Priest attempting to mix things up. On Priest History he takes a different approach by switching up his usual flow to tackle the subject matter evident from its title. I’m the first to advocate creativity but it felt forced over the beat in question and I just wonder whether it was really necessary to take this approach here. Whilst on the spacey Outer Body Experience Priest adopts a much more laid back stance whilst contemplating the true meaning of fate.

In short, 3 Day Theory is a Killah Priest LP through and through. Whilst no Heavy Mental, what you can be sure of is good solid production and deep lyricism yet revisiting the point I made in the introduction it lacks those standout tracks (such as One Step, B.I.B.L.E. and Tai Chi from Priest’s aforementioned debut LP) which could have taken this LP from good to great. This is essential listening for Wu and Killah Priest fans and without doubt another strong effort which the underground can be proud.

Killah Priest’s The 3 Day Theory is due to be released on July 6th on Man Bites Dog Records.

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