Eminem and Slaughterhouse-Session One

DAMN. Everyone in hip-hop has been waiting on this to happen, even on a smaller scale of the anticipated Royce-Eminem reunion, and we’ve finally got it in the form of a bonus track from Recovery.

Sadly, Joe Budden is missing from this one for some reason, but we’re probably spoilt with 4 of the finest in the game spitting on this track anyway. The beat is a Just Blaze production, which certainly has the feel of a Slaughterhouse production and will evoke memories of The One and a couple of other SH tracks.

There’s no point in me praising the verses really, seeing as its EMINEM AND SLAUGHTERHOUSE. You know it’s good stuff, and you’ll be gripped on every verse as you’d rightfully expect.

Eminem-Session One ft. Slaughterhouse

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4 comments to Eminem and Slaughterhouse-Session One

  • “Sadly, Joe Budden is missing from this one for some reason”

    *does a suicide*

  • It’s probably something to do with his label issues. Amalgam, as I recall, were making it difficult for him to join Shady.

  • Yeah I read today that’s it’s something to do with that. They reckon he might put out a remix with his verse, but he can’t be on the official release.

  • Budden comments…

    “Amalgam wants 2 albums, publishing, merchandising, exclusivity, rights to mm2 & 3, royalties, but they’d like ME 2 handle any sample clearance issues & they also would like for me to pay any front & back ends on the album, mixing & mastering outta pocket ….. etc btw…didn’t sign up 4 that….. i’ll retire b4 i ever conform 2 their s**t ….”


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