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The momentum for Capone-N-Noreaga’s The War Report 2 is really starting to pick up speed.

After leaking three tracks from the album already (available after the click), here are the visuals for the latest track Pain.

Overseen by the Wu’s Raekwon, The War Report 2 will be released on July 13th and features appearances from Raekwon himself, Nas, Busta Rhymes and The LOX.

For those who can’t wait until July 13th, their Camouflage Season mixtape can be downloaded for free here.

After the click is the artwork, tracklist and a few goodies from the album! I’m so kind to you aren’t I?


1. Pain (Produced by The Alchemist)
2. Bodega Stories (Feat. The L.O.X.) (Produced by Scram Jones)
3. Dutches vs. Phillies vs. Bamboo (Feat. Raekwon) (Produced by Scram Jones)
4. My Attribute (Produced by Dreddy)
5. Favor For A Favor (Produced by BT)
6. Hood Pride (Feat. Faith Evans) (Produced by Neo Da Matrix)
7. The Reserves (Feat. Raekwon) (Produced by Tha Bizness)
8. With Me (Feat. Nas) (Produced by Buckwild)
9. Live On, Live Long Pt. 2 (Dedicated To Tragedy Khadafi) (Produced by SPK)
10. The Oath (Feat. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes) (Produced by Hazardis Soundz)
11. Brother From Another (Produced by Kyze)
12. Thug Planet (Feat. Imam T.H.U.G. & Musaliny) (Produced by Tony Heathcliff)
13. Scarface (Produced by Araab Muzik)
14. The Corner (Feat. Avery Storm) (Produced by M3)
15. Obituary (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)

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