Sunday’s Classic Collabo: 2Pac and Eric Williams

Whilst Indi jets off to Florida, SCC stays alive this week with some sounds from the legendary 2Pac’s posthumous R U Still Down? album. Do For Love is one of Pac’s most soulful tracks, with a positive vibe emanating from both the production and Eric Williams’ memorable hook. Pac brings some great introspective lyrics, including the following (my personal favourites from the track):

“Tell me who knows, a peaceful place where I can go
To clear my head I’m feelin low, losin’ control
My heart is sayin’ leave, oh what a tangle web we weave
when we conspire to conceive”

Unquestionably one of the most easy-listening tracks in Pac’s catalogue, this is a track that everyone can enjoy.

2Pac-Do For Love ft. Eric Williams

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