BET Awards: Kanye/Eminem/B.o.B/Drake/Trey Songz/Ludacris/Nicki Minaj Live

As ever BET brought out the stars to perform at their Awards Ceremony. First up we have for you….the return of Kanye West! Since the whole Taylor Swift controversy, Mr. West had pretty much disappeared from the limelight, so his return via a performance of his new single here is much welcomed.

Several more quality live performances here for you, from all those mentioned in the title of this post, and a few more. All you have to do is click below to go see the clips, you don’t really want to miss out on this.

Up next is a performance of the hit collaboration between B.o.B & Eminem. Great to see these two perform this track together, with Keyshia Cole interestingly putting her own spin on the Hayley Williams hook. Eminem finishes the set with his hit single, Not Afraid.

Drake performs the beginnings of Fireworks, before blazing into his anthem, Over. Jeezy then joins him to perform a remix of a recent Jeezy song that we hit you up with a CD quality version of earlier today.

Trey Songz provides us with a memorable performance of his song, Yo Side Of The Bed. He dedicates this to Prince, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award at this ceremony.

Ludacris has great stage presence, one of the few rappers out there who can perform his gripping delivery live, just as good as he can in the studio. He performs his hit single, My Chick Bad with Nicki Minaj who I feel disappoints in this live performance, I get the impression she’s mimed her verse here. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Diddy, Busta Rhymes & T-Pain make an appearance to perform the All I Do Is Win remix alongside Luda.

T.I. performs his new single, Yeah You know (Takers) – which is a track I’ve been bumping a hell of a lot lately!

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