Album News: Ill Bill / DJ Muggs

<—- Artwork for La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill and Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs’ collaborative effort Kill Devil Hills scheduled for release August 24th.

Ill Bill is one of the underground’s strongest and most respected MC’s. Muggs is known for his numerous years in the game, most notably with Cypress Hill. What better way to describe the album than let Ill Bill do it:

“Production and conceptually, this record plays out like a movie. All the songs connect. It moves like a concept record the way the beats blend with the words even though we didn’t plan it like that. It’s basically it’s own sound, the Muggs vs. Bill sound.”

Take a look after the click for the tracklist. With features including O.C., Raekwon, Vinnie Paz, B-Real, and Everlast and Slaine of La Coka Nostra this is a project I’m certainly looking forward to. Stay tuned for more news as it drops!


1.) Cult Assassin
2.) Trouble Shooters f/Sean Price, O.C. & Sick Jacken
3.) Paul Stanley
4.) Illuminati 666
5.) Amputated Saint f/B-Real
6.) Skull & Guns f/Everlast & Slaine of La Coka Nostra
7.) Giants Stadium f/Q-Unique
8.) The Owl
9.) Millenniums Of Murder
10.) Chase Manhattan f/Raekwon
11.) Luciferian Imperium
13.) Secrets Worth Dying For f/Chace Infinite
14.) 2013
15.) Kill Devil Hills f/B-Real & Vinnie Paz
16.) Narco Corridos f/Sick Jacken & Uncle Howie
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