Underground Throwback: Reef The Lost Cauze

I was going to share this track only with Indi but then I realised that the whole of OTU needed to wake up to Reef The Lost Cauze.

As you might tell I’m a massive advocate of the underground MC from Philadelphia. Reef is a regular member of the Army Of The Pharaohs and frequent collaborator with German production powerhouse Snowgoons. His 3rd album, Feast or Famine released in 2005 is an underground classic and sees Reef fully mature from a boy to a man.

Eyes Of My Father is, to put it in Reef’s words, “some introspective sh*t” in which Reef chastises his relationship with his father over a heart-tugging backdrop. No doubt most of you will sleep on Reef and ignore this, but those who take the five seconds to click through will really appreciate this.

Reef The Lost Cauze – Eyes Of My Father

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