Tuesday Indie Throwback-Bloc Party

Feast your eyes on this, the first of many weekly ‘back-lookings’ at the various Kings and Queens of the Indie genre.

This week, it’s Bloc Party. Cast your eyes left and enjoy the video to Banquet; single off their debut album Silent Alarm, or below to une-petit bio of the band themselves….

The first throwback of its kind could only really start with one band; the trend-setting, mould-breaking, genre-defining London quartet Bloc Party. Consisting of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, guitars), Russell Lissack (guitars), Gordon Moakes (bass guitars) and Matt Tong (drums), the band have three studio albums; Silent Alarm, A Weekend In The City and Intimacy, and are presently in a state of indefinate hiatus in light of frontman Kele Okereke’s debut album and tour.

For me, Bloc Party’s music encaptulates all that is good about the Indie scene and the bands three albums have seen a dynamic transition in sound; spanning between the raw, angsty sound of Silent Alarm, to the vocally charged electro-dubstep sound of Intimacy. Suffice to say every song that they have released I have liked or indeed loved on some level, including the impressive collection of B-sides released on the back of most of their LP’s.

They’re a band who keep their fans guessing at what their next move will be, and what end of their dynamic spectrum their next sound will come from. This, accompanied by an awesome stage presence, and an excellent delivery of their tracks on their various tours makes Bloc Party a true leader in the Indie genre.

Favorite Album: Silent Alarm, definitely: 9.5/10

Favorite Track: Like Eating Glass, probably the ultimate Indie song ever??!!!

Where Next: With Kele tugging in the dance direction, and other band members trying to keep roots in the Indie scene, its difficult to say, I’d guess in two years time we might hear something quite raw and experimental, maybe a Kid A moment for them?

If you Like This: Check out Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Friendly Fires, Hot Chip, Metric, M83, Interpol etc.. if you haven’t already.

Look below and suckle from OTU’s proverbial teat with two delicious downloads; two songs from Bloc Party’s B-sides collection:

Bloc Party- Rhodedendrons

Bloc Party- Version 2.0

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