Travie McCoy-Need You and Superbad

This will be the best album of the summer
. I’m calling it now, and it will be massively overlooked due to the big name releases on the horizon. I’ve said before that I think Travie’s a massively underrated rapper, but these two songs also suggest he’s a criminally underrated singer.

Need You is a wonderful mix of indie, R&B and pop. Unbelievably addictive beat, captivating vocals in the verses, and a catchy hook makes this one of the best tracks I’ve heard recently. Superbad is much more indie-rock than anything I’ve ever heard from Travie (including Gym Class stuff), and is yet another hugely enjoyable display of versatility and top-quality music. Everyone talks about B.o.B and Cudi being eclectic, but I’m beginning to believe that this guy is more adaptable than them both. Just look at the four leaks thus far: Billionaire, Alright and these two are all incredibly diverse. Do NOT sleep on this guy, no matter what genre you prefer.

Travie McCoy-Need You

Travie McCoy-Superbad

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