Throwback Thursdays Vol 28

And he returns.

I’m in a pretty matter of fact mood today having finished a certain 4 year degree on Monday. First off, shout out to Indi for taking the reins last week. If you missed his work then catch up here.

Time for some classic hip hop? This track (amongst others in the album) has helped me through the past few weeks of pain.

Mos Def’s Hip-Hop is the centerpiece of his 1999 classic debut Black On Both Sides. A brilliantly crafted piece of progressive, alternative hip-hop.

The aptly-titled opening track to the LP is a real summer banger and has Mos spitting some socially-conscious lyricism which he became so admired for. The rest of the LP? Much of the same yet poles apart.

Black On Both Sides enlists some of the top producers in the game; Gang Starr’s DJ Premier, D.I.T.C’s Diamond D, Tribe’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad and a perfect blend of at-the-time-unknowns which come together in harmony to provide an ear-stroking blend of conscious production. BOBS cherry-picks features with verses only from select long-time collaborators Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip.

Stick this all into a bubbling pot and you have an album which stands firm against any of A Tribe Called Quest’s back catalogue or indeed the year-previous masterpiece of Blackstar.

Mos Def – Hip Hop

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

The track to silence anyone who thinks Ja Rule is lame.

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