Throwback Thursdays Vol 27

Once upon a time, there was a white boy….and he changed the whole game.

What’s this? Indi on Throwback Thursday duty? Don’t worry, Murray didn’t die – he’s just currently busy fending off a pack of wild boars. Click on for the very first (and possibly last) Indi instalment of Throwback Thursdays…

The video to the left of you is very rare footage of the 1997 Rap Olympics, somehow Eminem finished in second place (I wonder what happened to the guy who finished first!?) Anyway, it was this event that put Eminem on the radar, with Jimmy Iovine obtaining Em’s demo tape on the back of this. He played said demo tape to Dr. Dre and the rest is as they say is history. Before the Rap Olympics, in 1996, Eminem released his very first album – Infinite, listening back to that, it’s very interesting to hear how much Eminem has changed. Back then, Em sounded an awful lot like Nas & AZ! My favourite track on this album happens to be the one named after the album, Infinite – Eminem & hip-hop fans should download this below, it’s incredible to hear him flow this way.

Eminem – Infinite

Early on in Eminem’s career, he collaborated with Royce Da 5’9″ and they recorded under the group name Bad Meets Evil. The two shared great chemistry and was a time where Eminem was arguably most lyrically on point….

“The one man on the planet that’ll drive off of the Grand Canyon
Hop out of a Grand Am and land in it handstandin
Any man plannin to battle will get snatched out of his clothes
so fast it’ll look like an invisible man standin
I’m headed for Hell, I’d rather be dead or in jail
Bill Clinton, hit this, and you better inhale
Cause any MC that chooses to go against me
is gettin takin advantage of like Monica Lewinksy (Leave me alone!)
Came home in a frenzy, pushin a ten speed
Screamin to Aunt Peg (AUNT PEG!!!!)
with three spokes stickin out of my pant leg
Fuck a headache, give me a migraine
Damnit I like pain (AHH!)
and you should be anywhere that A MIC AIN’T
You rap knowin you wack
You act up and I’m throwin you down a flight of steps
then I’m throwin you back up em
If they don’t like the track, fuck em
The rap struck em harder then gettin hit by a Mack truck
and then backed up on
And any half-assed known rapper to trespass
better be ready for the second Celebrity Deathmatch (Ding! Ding!)
So tell the medic to bring the medication and quickly (Hurry up man!)
I’m sicker than a Tupac dedication to Biggie
I’m free-fallin feet first out of a damn tree
to stampede your chest till you can’t breathe
And when I’m down to my last breath
I’ma climb the Empire State Building and get to the last step
and still have half left”

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – Scary Movies

It’s safe to say that signing to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath was a pretty successful move for Em, his debut under the label, The Slim Shady LP went triple platinum within a year, and his Marshall Mathers LP became the fastest selling album of all time. Eminem also was the highest selling artist of the last decade, selling an incredible 80 million albums worldwide to date.

Eminem is well known for his feisty, straight up ridiculous lyrics, but from a personal point of view, he’s at his best when he’s rapping about personal woes, and no track further emphasises this than my favourite track from The Slim Shady LP.

Eminem – Rock Bottom

Indi’s BDK Rating:ger

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The Return of the Mack/Murray.

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