Throwback Thursdays Vol 26

Ajay and Myself are having a bit of a ‘Mobb Deep week’, which always goes down well where I’m concerned (This throwback is for you too buddy!). Big Noyd is / was always Mobb Deep’s side-kick, making appearances on all Mobb LP’s up until Blood Money (apparently 50 didn’t see him fitting into the ‘grand plan’).

Being Mobb’s sidekick meant N.O.Y.D. was graced with the presence of cast-off Havoc beats and as uninspiring as that sounds, in fact, some of them Hav was crazy to let go. This week’s throwback is definitely one of those.

The long and short of Big Noyd’s debut LP Episodes of a Hustla was that Noyd was incarcerated at the time of its release so was unable to have full control over the effort. It finally surfaced with only 11 tracks on it however is considered amongst underground and old schools heads as a full blown classic. That signature Mobb formula is present throughout and Noyd flexes his capable solo artistry proving a tough competitor to his Queensbridge counterparts.

I Don’t Want To Love Again is very different from anything else on EOAH and sees Havoc dropping a heavy drum and snare loop with a neat melodic backdrop. The majority of the vocal work comes in from a little-known female artist by the name of Se’Kou. Big Noyd drops a one-minute long verse from 2:12 onwards and it is evident this track was still missing at least another verse. But somehow it just works. Havoc’s production is soulful and R&B heads out there will really enjoy the vocals Se’Kou brings to the table. Hip-hop heads, if anything like me, will await with intent just to catch those rare Noyd bars mid-track before Havoc brings it all to a simple and effortless close. I love this track.

Big Noyd (feat Se’Kou) – I Don’t Want To Love Again (Produced by Havoc)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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