The Hip Hop Catch-Up

Several tracks of hip hop goodness for you after the click, some well known names, some artists I’ve been championing lately and some unknowns. Click on to get the goods.

Cory Gunz – Militia Gang ft. KO & Pop Dollarz

Really good beat that Cory Gunz flows to immaculately, as do KO & Pop Dollarz.

Cory Gunz – Drink

More light hearted stuff here, obviously a song about getting drunk and having fun. Cory typically makes this a more lyrical affair than you’d expect of a song of this subject matter.

Curren$y – King Kong

Excellent title for a song, which immediately grabbed my attention. This is set to be on Curren$y’s album, Pilot Talk. Pretty good beat, the track’s a little shorter than I’d like though.

N.B.S – War ft. Royce Da 5’9″

Again, another song that I wish lasted longer. No idea who N.B.S are but they had me nodding my head to this, with Royce stealing the limelight at the end, as you’d expect. Definitely one that will be in my playlist for the next few weeks.

Kokane – Twilight Zone ft. Crooked I

Kokane is someone who gets around, apparently one of (if not the most) featured artist in the world. Being from the West Coast and having grown up through the Easy-E era, he’s been involved with all the major artists from the West Coast over the last 2 decades. This song is about the state of West Coast hip hop at the moment and he has some interesting words to say.

Jay Burna – Vegas

Off the upcoming Since 1989 mixtape, nice laid back track here that you can vibe to, his verses flow well to this as well. Looking forward to the mixtape, looks set to be a good dose of hip hop.

Grafh – We Bout Dat ft. Jim Jones

Grafh has been on his grind lately, pumping out grimey track after grimey track. This track is a little different to the stuff that he’s put out recently, it has an interesting beat which you’d associate more with Jim Jones who features on this. I can’t work out whether I actually like it or not, it may grow on me and may even become a hit, or I may never play it again.

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