Gig Review: The Temper Trap at the O2 Academy, Birmingham (04/05/10)

If you’re a fan of The Temper Trap and planning on seeing them live in the near future, or simply a curious reader, come and see how the gig at the O2 Academy in the Second City went down. Fans of alternative act Sarah Blasko should have a look too.

(Also, keep your eyes peeled as there are some pretty good Indie gigs coming up this summer that I’ll be giving you some info on very soon)

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After liking, yet not loving, their album Conditions, I arrived at the The Temper Trap’s gig at the O2 Academy in Birmingham with fairly average expectations. Their supporting act was fellow Australian solo artist Sarah Blasko, who had. apparently. before touring in the UK reached ‘multi-platinum’ status in her homeland.

Overall her set started fairly well, with the first few songs (of which Hold On My Heart and Lost & Defeated were the best) catching the ear. After that however, her set seemed to diminish somewhat into mediocrity, with the songs blending together noticably into what turned out to be a fairly underwhelming performance. This did however create an atmosphere of anticipation, milked notably by the band for what seemed like ages- but in retrospect allowed the tension to build nicely.

Love Lost, Rest, Down River and Fools were dispatched nicely and early on in the set; seeing as they are the bands less effective tracks this was no surprise, but as is the way with all good live acts they managed to sound better live than on the LP.

The audience was just getting pumped in anticipation of the bands ‘bigger’ songs, when Soldier On was dropped- as by far my favorite Temper Trap track, this was what I had been waiting for and awesome is the only word to describe the understated way in which the piece was delivered, only setting its final pounding riff up all the more fervently. It also set a great platform for the centerpiece; Sweet Disposition- the songs atmospheric intro sounding even better in the flesh, angstily building to its pacy chorus…… suffice to say, everybody loved it. Drum Song was next on the agenda, and proved a great follow-up to Sweet Disposition, with its heavy, instrumental Indie riffs. This led into the break, pre-empting the encore of a new and unnamed track, all topped off nicely by album single Science Of Fear.

The gig was brilliant, with The Temper Trap really exceeding my expectations and delivering on all of their songs. I highly recommend anyone going to see their set if given the chance.

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