Sunday’s (Late) Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Chester Bennington (Of Linkin Park)

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was out of action all of yesterday and hence why no Classic Collabo appeared before your eyes, apologies. Anyway, as hinted at last week – this weeks classic collabo takes a look at Young Buck and a track that featured on his Buck The World album, which came out around 3 years ago. Featuring the lead singer of Linkin Park, this is a track that can be appreciated by fans of either artist or genre. It shows a different, far more introspective side to Buck, with lyrics that actually mean something to this world and not the typical ‘gangster/money/b*tches’ that is associated a lot with hip-hop. With that in mind, the track itself reminds me an awful lot of Tupac’s amazing song, Brenda’s Got a Baby – which is a very good thing.

As I mentioned, it’s a song that’ll appeal to a lot of you, so I definitely recommend you downloading this below, even if you’re not even massively into Young Buck or hip-hop.

Young Buck – Slow Ya Roll ft. Chester Bennington

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