Sunday's Classic Collabo: Kanye West/T-Pain/DJ Khaled/Jay-Z

Again from me, this track isn’t that old. However, I think a fair few of you would have missed out on this the 1st time round, due to the fact that this was on DJ Khaled’s album, We Global.

With Kanye’s new album coming out at some point this summer/year and with him promising to go back to his hip hop roots, I thought it’d be apt to post a track of his where he just quite simply ‘dumbs out’. By which I mean his raps annihilate the hyped up beat, with T-Pain providing a standard infectiously addictive chorus. As a treat I’ve provided the Jay-z remix for this too, so if you like what you see/hear in the video to your left, grab both below.

DJ Khaled – Go Hard ft. Kanye West & T-Pain

DJ Khaled – Go Hard ft. Kanye West, T-Pain & Jay-Z

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