R&B Fridays: Episode 48

So first Mediafire doesn’t let me upload. Then, my laptop decides it doesn’t like my external hard drive anymore. Then when they kiss and make up, Mediafire just won’t work for me. Annoying.

Anyway, lots of interesting songs in this week’s episode. I say interesting as a couple of them have quite pertinent backgrounds/accompanying news, which will definitely be of interest to most R&B fans!

A whole bunch of diverse tracks in this one, I tried to keep it as mixed as possible with 15 different artists, seeing as we went Bruno Mars-centric last week. Big names (lots of these), upcoming names, collabos, singers, rappers and more: they’re all there and waiting for you after the click.

Karina Pasian-Last To Know
-As you’d expected from her previous material, this another great example of emotional R&B. A slow jam that will sit well with most R&B fans, Karina definitely has a bit of an early-Alicia Keys sound to her.

Johnta Austin-Close Your Eyes
-Of the news I mentioned above, this would probably be the most awesome: this is an actual single from Johnta! R&B Friday regulars will be used to the great material this songwriter usually puts out, but he’s not yet released an official album and showed no signs of planning to do so. This is set to be the first single from his album, and it’s everything you’d expect from a Johnta track-smooth, well performed, lyrically likeable and a mellow production.

Katy Perry-E.T.
-One for the pop fans. This sounds a little unfinished, but has some promise if they choose to finish/master it. Big hook and dance-influenced beat on this one that could set it up well for a run at the charts.

-The group I’ve awarded my personal prize of ‘best upcoming R&B group’ drop off the first single from their upcoming album. I’m catching some R. Kelly/Trey Songz vibes on this one, which is never a bad look for anyone. Catchy, memorable and decent effort.

Jagged Edge-Lipstick ft. Rick Ross
-From upcomers to veterans, one of the all-time great R&B groups. This was leaked a while ago, but wasn’t mastered/finished/had tags on it. This is the final version, and is set to be on their next album, which I’m beginning to have high hopes for. Like this track all-round, a retro production fitting nicely with the classic JE vocals.

Olivia-In My Bedroom ft. 50 Cent

-As above, this previously leaked unmastered/with tags, and this is the better version. Smooth, mellowed out jam from Olivia that keeps it simple and effective. 50′s generally pretty decent on these beats, and this is no exception.

Usher-Private Dancer
-I’m assuming this was a cut from Raymond vs. Raymond. Could have gone either way really, as it’s as good as/better than some of the weaker material on there, but it’s definitely not as good as some of the better material.

Alicia Keys-Rapture
-It’s fair to say the entire music world has had an Alicia Keys love-in this week, and what better way to cap it off than with some new material. This is set to be on the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack, and is pretty enjoyable stuff. Uptempo, old-school flavour (I think it’s a cover of an old song) and those trademark Keys’ vocals. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best quality at all, but it’ll do for now.

Mariah Carey-Imperfect
-This was set to be the title track from her Angels Advocate album I’m informed, but that project has been cancelled. Fairly funny to consider how far her stock has fallen for her to get albums cancelled, but there we are. As with most Mariah songs I’ve posted, it’s not really my thing but will sit well with her fans.

The-Dream-Champagne ft. Diddy
-Not set to be on Love King, this track has an intriguing story. Apparently, this was deliberately leaked with some ‘FBI encryption’ so they could figure out who it was that kept leaking The-Dream’s stuff. Anywho, this track isn’t as strong as recent Dream leaks in terms of R&B quality, but it’s a track that pop/mainstream fans will enjoy.

Leona Lewis & Jennifer Lewis-Love Is Your Colour
-Another one from that Sex and the City 2 soundtrack, you get exactly what you’d expect from this duet: big vocals, progressive production. Nothing more I can say really, you know what to expect.

Bruno Mars-She Got Me
-What would an episode be without Bruno? This sounds like a demo, and if this doesn’t end up with Lloyd it will be the stupidest decision of all time. This track is absolutely perfect for his style, with a chilled-out beat and the nature of the vocals/lyrics. Good track, nice hook and strong all-round.

Nelly Furtado-Free
-Dance-influenced track for Nelly Furtado, as is the way with most mainstream artists nowadays. She carries it off well, and adds her distinctive touch to the beat. Have to be honest though, and whilst the beat is good I can’t help but feel like I’ve heard it a million times before, as they’re all starting to sound the same. I suppose the majority like that though, so it’ll be quite popular.

Lady GaGa-Future Love
-I have absolutely no idea where this is from, but it sounds like a studio-mastered live performance. Must be from an upcoming live album or something, and it’s pretty decent. GaGa’s got a great voice, and puts her piano to good use too, displaying the piano-pop style she reserves for her live stuff. GaGa fans will enjoy it for sure.

Ciara-This Is What Love Is

-This album hasn’t so much caught many leaks, more so the bucket has no bottom left. Yet another Ciara track surfaces, and luckily for us it’s yet another good one. Futuristic on the production, and a nice played-down uptempo feel about this one, instead of a big, brash approach to creating some bounce. Would fit nicely into a chillout list or a party one, and I’m looking forward to checking out (what’s left of) the album.

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