Kanye West-Power, New Single From Good Ass Job

Mr. West is back. This sounds like that classic College Dropout Kanye, with a pretty soulful, driving melody but comes laced over some much harder percussion than usual. There are even some elements of the 808s style in the drums, which work really well. It’s a welcome fusion of two styles that have served him so well.

I have to say I’m really feeling this, as Kanye gets his raps on point, delivering some good messages throughout. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him rap like this, and this will go some way to getting the hip-hop fans back to his music. This is set to be the street single from ‘Ye’s upcoming Good Ass Job, and features Dwele on the bridge.

I expect you will all be clamouring for this, I won’t delay you any further.

Kanye West-Power ft. Dwele Go here for the mastered, high quality final version.

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