Feeling A Bit Confused? Too Much Material?

This week has had some huge material, and lots of it, making it one of the biggest weeks in recent memory for our posts. Hence, I appreciate if some of you are struggling to keep track (it’s difficult at the best of times) so I’ve put together a round-up of some of the bigger stuff. An R&B round-up can be found on the intro to this week’s R&B Friday, so this is all the non-R&B stuff.

In no order: New Kanye single, two (immense) Travis McCoy tracks, and new Roots.

3 new Drake leaks (Fireworks, Unforgettable, Miss Me) a nice Royce/Big Sean collab, the new T.I. mixtape, and some new Nas.

Mark Ronson’s next single, Vinnie Paz/R.A. the Rugged Man collab, and Big Boi’s Shutterbug video

Eminem’s Recovery art/tracklist, new Kid Cudi, and finally B.o.B’s Live Lounge performances. There’s naturally a load more material than this, but I thought I’d give you a few starting points with this stuff for those of you looking to recap on the last week. Remember too, I’ve deliberately omitted the R&B stuff as I already referenced it all in R&B Friday. Hope it helps folks!

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