B.o.B on Live Lounge (Audio)

The good music just keeps on coming.

B.o.B recently made an appearance on BBC’s Live Lounge and delivered a performance of his smash hit Nothin’ On You, as well as a great cover of MGMT’s Kids. Both are really good listens, and the guy who fills in for Bruno Mars does a good job on the hook (assuming it’s not Bruno, which I don’t think it is). If you needed reminding on just how talented Bobby is, then look no further than these two superb tracks.

B.o.B-Nothin’ On You (Live)

B.o.B-Kids (MGMT Cover)

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2 comments to B.o.B on Live Lounge (Audio)

  • fabian

    Nah I don’t think that’s Bruno either, I remember from the live version of Billionaire you posted a while back that his vocals are much better than whoever was performing there. Just found out by listening to the full interview on the Radio 1 website that the song went straight to number 1 (I don’t follow music in this country at all), which is pretty sweet because I introduced a few people to him saying he’d be number 1 one day. Smug.

  • Yeah, it was that version you mentioned that made me think this wasn’t Bruno. I’m the same, had no idea that it went straight to #1-great news! Looks like our relentless pushing of Bobby worked!

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