Quick Throwback: A Tribe Called Quest

Just because the sunny weather in the UK may have gone missing recently, doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some classic chilled out tunes in preparation for its return.

What better way than to kick back (see what I did there?) with A Tribe Called Quest’s arguably most famous track Can I Kick It?

Sampling Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side Tribe add some hip-hop flavour and the rest is history. Enjoy.

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

Two Leaks From The Cool Kids’ Tacklebox

This came out of nowhere. Within minutes of these two leaks reaching me, it was announced that the entire Tacklebox mixtape would be dropping later today. Works for me, as the inimitable Cool Kids style always makes for interesting listening. Head below to warm up with the first two leaks, and I’ll be sure to give you the entire mixtape later tonight.

The Cool Kids-Freak City

The Cool Kids-Fishing Lessons

Raekwon + Mobb Deep + Alchemist = OMG

I thought collaborations like this didn’t exist anymore!

Apologies for skimping a little bit on the AZ post, but I had to get this out to the Heads out there ASAP.

Alchemist drops a terrifying backdrop for Havoc, Raekwon and always-appreciated Prodigy verses. Similar kinda chorus to Method Man’s All I Need from back in ’94 so you can imagine the track before you’ve even clicked the glorious, hip-hop-reviving red text below.

No idea where it’s from and quite frankly I don’t care. Just keep ‘em coming!

Raekwon (feat Mobb Deep) – Road To Riches


My hard drive is giving me serious trouble, so I’m going to have to get these next couple of posts out sharpish! This one is the latest leak from M.I.A’s upcoming album, and follows the trend of being entirely different to the previous leak(s). This has a more hip-hop feel to it, but with M.I.A.’s distinctive raw, alternative edge.


Quick Blast: New AZ

New AZ scheduled to be on his upcoming Doe Or Die 2. Always eager to get hold of a few early leaks to get a good taster for the LP.

Goes without saying but AZ goes in hard here over a typical Brooklyn-style beat.

AZ – Feel My Pain

Vampire Weekend- Holiday

The third video from their latest album Contra; Holiday is as charming as it is original. The track itself has an upbeat and laid-back quality to it, and when with the fun, light-hearted nature of the video makes you feel all the better for watching it. Although the album sometimes gets carried away with its tweaky, ditsy layering without at times delivering enough depth, there are a few absolute gems that will be making their way onto many a summer playlist.

Vampire Weekend- Holiday

Mick Boogie Presents: Tabi Bonney-A Place Called Stardom

If it’s Mick Boogie approved, it’s probably gonna be good. Boasting features and/or production from the likes of GZA, Wale, The Alchemist and more, Tabi could end up being one of those guys who sneaks up out of nowhere and catches hip-hop by surprise.

Not really sure why I feel that way, as I’ve barely heard any material from him, but the strength of the co-signs, the sudden nature of his emergence and a gut feeling lead me to believe that this guy could have some mileage.

Tabi Bonney-A Place Called Stardom

Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj-Knockout Video

The third video of Lil’ Wayne’s music video market saturation arrives, this time with a Nicki Minaj assist. Having actually watched this one, have to say this song is pretty catchy and has a nice production.

It doesn’t strike me as the smartest long-term tactic to drop all of these videos at once though, as not only does it dilute each one of them, but means there is less material to be released for the next year that Wayne is imprisoned. Whatever though, quantity has always been the name of the game with Wayne!

Wiz Khalifa - Goodbye Video

Wiz brings us the visuals for a track we dropped on OTU over 6 months ago now, what I said then still rings true, this is a great track.

Sunday's Classic Collabo: Fat Joe/Jadakiss/Remy Ma

It took me a while to take Fat Joe seriously, I’d always dismissed his skills on the mic due to the persistent rumours that he didn’t write his own music, says the N word a lot despite being white/latino and the fact that he’s fat. That all changed when I heard his track ‘My Lifestyle’, this is a track that took my attention immediately with the beat blasting out of my speakers, with a chorus that is just as good. He could be spitting the worst lyrics in the world and it wouldn’t even matter on this track. What I have for you today is the remix to this featuring a much welcomed verse from notorious feature-killer, Jadakiss, as well as former Fat Joe affiliate, Remy Ma. Download this for yourself below and give your ears a dosage of classic mainstream hip hop.

Fat Joe – My Lifestyle ft. Jadakiss & Remy Ma

We Are Scientists- Nice Guys

Kick back and enjoy the video for Nice Guys, the second track to reach our ears from We Are Scientists upcoming album Barbara.

The video itself is pretty kooky and accompanies the catchy, upbeat nature of the track nicely. Having heard this and Rules Don’t Stop; the first single from Barbara- it’s fair to say that the sound that the band are going for with their latest work could be one of the soundtracks of the summer. The album comes out on June 14th so keep your eyes and ears peeled, for previews and reviews….

Nice Guys- We Are Scientists

Joell Ortiz – All Falls Down Freestyle

New freestyle by Joell Ortiz, over the Jadakiss track, All Falls Down.

Joell Ortiz – All Falls Down (freestyle)

‘The Suburbs’ single and album artwork..

Check out the first single from the upcoming album here. The album itself is out on August 2nd, so keep posted for more news on what is one of the most anticipated albums of the year…..

Lil' Wayne-Runnin' Video

For the 2nd consecutive Wayne video, I’m too tired to comment. However, this track is OK (remix can be found here), although they definitely should have done more with the video. Not big/epic enough for the style of song.

Feeling A Bit Confused? Too Much Material?

This week has had some huge material, and lots of it, making it one of the biggest weeks in recent memory for our posts. Hence, I appreciate if some of you are struggling to keep track (it’s difficult at the best of times) so I’ve put together a round-up of some of the bigger stuff. An R&B round-up can be found on the intro to this week’s R&B Friday, so this is all the non-R&B stuff.

In no order: New Kanye single, two (immense) Travis McCoy tracks, and new Roots.

3 new Drake leaks (Fireworks, Unforgettable, Miss Me) a nice Royce/Big Sean collab, the new T.I. mixtape, and some new Nas.

Mark Ronson’s next single, Vinnie Paz/R.A. the Rugged Man collab, and Big Boi’s Shutterbug video

Eminem’s Recovery art/tracklist, new Kid Cudi, and finally B.o.B’s Live Lounge performances. There’s naturally a load more material than this, but I thought I’d give you a few starting points with this stuff for those of you looking to recap on the last week. Remember too, I’ve deliberately omitted the R&B stuff as I already referenced it all in R&B Friday. Hope it helps folks!

Quick Blast: 3 New Ted Smooth Remixes

By now, you should be fully aware that Ted Smooth drops some crazy remixes. He often picks an old school beat to blend a new school track with, and these are no different. 3 tracks that are very popular right now, and 3 spins on them that will make them accessible to many more: Find Your Love + Shook Ones pt.2? Why not!

Drake-Find Your Love (Ted Smooth Remix)

B.o.B-Nothin’ on You ft. Bruno Mars (Ted Smooth Remix)

Dirty Money-Hello, Good Morning (Ted Smooth Remix)

LeBron James: The Choice Is Yours

Complex, Vitamin Water and Don Cannon have hooked up for a three-track mixtape, each based on a city that LeBron James could be headed for when he decides the next phase of his career in July. Each track tries to convince him to head to that particular city, and will certainly make for interesting listening for both hip-hop and NBA fans. Some pretty big name artists involved too, so click on below to grab it/preview the tracks.

The Choice Is Yours Mixtape

Album/Mixtape Artwork

R&B Fridays: Episode 50

Many of your Fridays have been centered around this OTU institution, and I’m glad to deliver this 50th episode of the hugely popular series. I’ve enjoyed writing it as much as you have reading it.

Before you see what’s in store this week, I’ve actually sprinkled a lot of R&B in other posts this week to build up some R&B love prior to this episode that you should check for. First off, go here for Ne-Yo’s new single. After that, check out the final version of Alicia Keys’ Rapture, Estelle’s latest single, a superb track from The-Dream, amongst other R&B-influenced tracks that have been posted.

Done all that? Good on you. Time to get the rest!

→ Continue Reading

Travie McCoy-Need You and Superbad

This will be the best album of the summer
. I’m calling it now, and it will be massively overlooked due to the big name releases on the horizon. I’ve said before that I think Travie’s a massively underrated rapper, but these two songs also suggest he’s a criminally underrated singer.

Need You is a wonderful mix of indie, R&B and pop. Unbelievably addictive beat, captivating vocals in the verses, and a catchy hook makes this one of the best tracks I’ve heard recently. Superbad is much more indie-rock than anything I’ve ever heard from Travie (including Gym Class stuff), and is yet another hugely enjoyable display of versatility and top-quality music. Everyone talks about B.o.B and Cudi being eclectic, but I’m beginning to believe that this guy is more adaptable than them both. Just look at the four leaks thus far: Billionaire, Alright and these two are all incredibly diverse. Do NOT sleep on this guy, no matter what genre you prefer.

Travie McCoy-Need You

Travie McCoy-Superbad

B.o.B on Live Lounge (Audio)

The good music just keeps on coming.

B.o.B recently made an appearance on BBC’s Live Lounge and delivered a performance of his smash hit Nothin’ On You, as well as a great cover of MGMT’s Kids. Both are really good listens, and the guy who fills in for Bruno Mars does a good job on the hook (assuming it’s not Bruno, which I don’t think it is). If you needed reminding on just how talented Bobby is, then look no further than these two superb tracks.

B.o.B-Nothin’ On You (Live)

B.o.B-Kids (MGMT Cover)

Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper and…Christian Bale?!

Cudi samples Christian Bale’s infamous rant into a hip-hop track. Sadly, he only seems to use it on the intro (unless I’ve missed it elsewhere on first listen), but it’s still funny.

Aside from that, this is brand new Cudi for fans to enjoy. Decent enough effort, with a pretty simple beat that does a good job in letting the raps come through more effectively. Will satisfy appetites until we get more album-related stuff.

Kid Cudi-All Talk ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Christian Bale

Kanye West-Power, New Single From Good Ass Job

Mr. West is back. This sounds like that classic College Dropout Kanye, with a pretty soulful, driving melody but comes laced over some much harder percussion than usual. There are even some elements of the 808s style in the drums, which work really well. It’s a welcome fusion of two styles that have served him so well.

I have to say I’m really feeling this, as Kanye gets his raps on point, delivering some good messages throughout. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him rap like this, and this will go some way to getting the hip-hop fans back to his music. This is set to be the street single from ‘Ye’s upcoming Good Ass Job, and features Dwele on the bridge.

I expect you will all be clamouring for this, I won’t delay you any further.

Kanye West-Power ft. Dwele Go here for the mastered, high quality final version.

Lil’ Wayne-Da Da Da Video

One of a few Wayne videos expected to drop this weekend. I’m too tired to watch it, please do that for me. Thanks.

T.I.-F*ck A Mixtape

T.I. drops off his latest effort, which frankly I can’t wait to check out. The two most recent T.I. tracks (here and here) can be found on this one, although it’s unclear whether they’ll be on the album.

You can preview the entire thing in the adjacent player, and download it for yourself below.

T.I.-Fuck A Mixtape

(Edit: updated with a faster Mediafire link!)

Just Blaze Remixes The A-Team Theme Song

This is exactly why Just Blaze is one of the best beatmakers in the business. I’m informed that this will be the official theme song for the upcoming A-Team movie, and it’s awesome! Everyone recognises that classic A-Team melody, and Just turns it into a worryingly-repeatable hip-hop beat with some superb drum loops and other additions.

For further proof of Just’s ability with an instrumental, have a listen to the Team USA theme song that Just made for the USA’s contingent in the 2008 Olympics. I absolutely dare you to not be motivated by it, it’s an awesome bit of music to get you motivated and get that adrenaline going.

Just Blaze-A-Team Theme Song (Murdock Mix)

Just Blaze-Team USA Anthem

Nas & Damian Marley-Distant Relatives Review

No, not from me unfortunately for you. Our friends over at 365 Albums A Year have delivered a fantastic review of the album which sums up my feelings on the album pretty well, with a few minor differences. Must-read if you enjoyed the album!

Distant Relatives Review

Eminem-Recovery Tracklist

1. Cold Wind Blows
2. Talkin’ 2 Myself Ft. Kobe
3. On Fire
4. Won’t Back Down Ft. Pink
5. W.T.P.
6. Going Through Changes
7. Not Afraid
8. Seduction
9. No Love Ft. Lil’ Wayne
10. Space Bound
11. Cinderella Man
12. 25 to Life
13. So Bad
14. Almost Famous
15. Love the Way You Lie Ft. Rihanna
16. You’re Never Over

Rick Ross-The Albert Anastasia EP

Officer Ricky releases a free EP for his fans. I’ve been Ricky’s biggest detractor recently, as I can’t find myself getting into him given all the accounts of him being ‘fake’ etc. However, one thing I’ve never denied is his ear for a beat, and propensity for a decent collaboration. We’ll see if this EP continues that trend, and recovers my opinion of him as a rapper.

Rick Ross-The Albert Anastasia EP