Throwback Thursdays Vol 22

So before we all get too caught up in this Shyne-bashing brought about by his recent drops, lets take a minute to revisit his past. Afterall, Shyne won’t be the first nor the last industry great to ever fall off.

I know I have broken the rules a little bit this week, but More or Less (2004) is my favourite Shyne track. And, in part, I’ve got Kanye West to thank for that…

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if you hadn’t guessed by now More or Less is a Kanye beat.

Well, he scratched it together. To appreciate the true brilliance of this you have to listen to the original here (from 0:34 to 0:55). Some serious kinda Opera shit huh? Then Kanye wedges in a cute Biggie sample and flips it into some eerie, dramatic, from-another-world-kinda beat. I am very surprised he didn’t keep this one for himself. Yet I’m happy he didn’t.

Enter Shyne. Forget everything you might have heard from him or the forums this week. This was Shyne at the top of gangsta rap and he doesn’t fail to deliver over Kanye’s glorious work.

You should definitely cop this and blast it out on full. You will feel like you’re in the movies.

Shyne – More or Less (Produced Kanye West)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

My favourite group of the month (don’t worry, we’re going back to early 90′s again). Very more-ish so be prepared for a potential iTunes raping.

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