Throwback Thursdays Vol 21

Providing hip-hop with a late Golden Era resurgence saw the Native Tongues affiliated Black Sheep burst onto the scene fall of 1991 with their classic record A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

Sheep took the critics by storm and were praised for their humorous and creative content. They were one of the first acts to parody gangsta rap in the amusing U Mean I’m Not and the duo provide a refreshing throwback to a time when hip-hop was fun and before the dark undertone of street life set by later East Coast work.

The third single, and perhaps their best-known work, The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) is a spectacular example of old school rap music at its best.

Unusually for many of my throwbacks, this joint is supported by nifty string work as a backing (in fact, if you listen carefully a variety of instruments can be heard) setting the scene for the baseline to fall into place yet allowing special focus for the vocals of lead lyricist ‘Dres’.

The party piece we are all here for however can be found at 2:25 (2:22 on the mp3)…

“Engine engine number 9, on the New York transit line, if my train goes off the track, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!”

I knew you had been wondering where Fatman Scoop got that from.

If you’re unfamiliar with old school hip-hop then Black Sheep are the perfect duo to take your ear virginity. Couple them with Native Tongue collectives A Tribe Called Quest and you are well on your way to living a perfect life.

Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

Going to dip out of the 90’s to bring you a track produced by Kanye West. Trust me.

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