T.I.-I'm Back Video

I’ve had this track on repeat, and on very loud ever since it dropped. Tip is at his intense best throughout, and the video compliments that perfectly: that’s not to say he wasn’t intense before, but he’s coming with some serious passion and grit on this one. Great job on his first set of visuals since the prison release.

I’ve been 50-50 on Tip’s style for the longest time, but after his prolonged absence I’m really beginning to realise that he is a huge asset to hip-hop. I can’t think of too many rappers who’ve had his huge, widespread success but remain as raw, hungry and passionate with their sound (outside of Eminem, I’m struggling).

Audio can be procured here.

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4 comments to T.I.-I’m Back Video

  • TI is a funny one. Perhaps the most talented MC from the South?

    I first got into TI on his ‘What You Know’ track from either his first/second LP. I then lost interest over the last few years, but certainly from the track you posted Ajay it seems as if he still manages to keep to his roots even though he has achieved massive success.

    I then endeavoured to find someone who is as raw/successful and I struggled. The only person I could think of was Game who shows glimpses of real hunger from time to time. The other was Ghostface, although he, by no means, has achieved the level of success as Em/TI.

  • ‘What You Know’ is from his album ‘King’ which is his 4th LP, believe it or not!

  • Yeah, I think What You Know was probably the one that got my attention too. Paper Trail was good when compared to everything else rappers were dropping at the time, but I didn’t think it had enough of that raw T.I. style aside from a few choice tracks (Ready For Whatever being the main one).

    There are certainly a lot of rappers who are still raw and moderately successful (Rae, Ghost, maybe even Buck) but none have achieved Tip/Em’s success and still carried that intensity. I’m not Game is in that category, for the reason you mentioned: his inconsistency and propensity to steer away from that raw sound a fair bit.

  • I would definitely consider Game as an equal to T.I. in terms of ratio of hardcore/mainstream tracks. From the singles they’ve released, to the content and structure of their albums. T.I. has been a lot more successful though domestically and internationally, a lot more.

    I’m Serious (2001) – very hardcore, was still considered an underground artist
    Trap Muzik (2003) – same as above
    Urban Legend (2004) – first started gaining a lot of mainstream coverage, a fair few pop type tracks on here
    King (2006) – really started to blow up now, a lot more chilled tracks on here, with a few raw tracks
    T.I. vs. T.I.P. (2007) – bit of both
    Paper Trail (2008) – bit of both, more leant towards mainstream than raw

    The Documentary – majority of it is very raw, the 50 Cent tracks were obviously pretty commercial though.
    The Doctor’s Advocate – first album to prove he can do it without Dre and 50. Incredibley raw, not mainstream in the slightest (apart from the lead single).
    L.A.X. – Bit of both – more geared towards mainstream and out of Game’s usual lane, can compare to the T.I. album Paper Trail, but not as good.

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