Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Part 1

After last week’s no show (sorry about that btw) I have two parts for you today. The first being a remix to the remix of the cracking track Tell Me by Bobby Valentino. The original has just Bobby V singing, the remix has Lil Wayne on it (with this version being released for the video) and the third version is the one I have for you, with Mos Def jumping on the track. Great verses, beat and vocals, better make sure you add this to your collection if you don’t have it already.

Bobby Valentino – Tell Me (remix) ft. Lil’ Wayne & Mos Def

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2 comments to Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Part 1

  • I absolutely adored the original when it came out (the audio, not so much the first half of the video). Probably remains one of my favourite R&B songs ever, top 3 for sure. This beat is just awesome. Haven’t heard the Mos Def one though, nice work!

  • Yeah same, was going to put up the original version ft Lil’ Wayne, but remembered I had a Mos Def one too :)

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