Sunday's Classic Collabo: 50 Cent / Nas

Nope; Not a Hate Is The New Love episode. A Sunday Classic Collabo. Wowzers.

When 50 was coming up in Queens he enlisted fellow resident Nas to appear on two tracks from his Guess Who’s Back mixtape/album. If you get a chance to listen to 50′s older material, including this album, please do.

From 50′s voice in the tracks below you can tell that they were recorded before he was shot. Guess Who’s Back wasn’t released until 2002, so it is guesstimated they were recorded tail-end of the 90′s.

Both tracks feature a noticeably enthusiastic Curtis Jackson alongside industry-established Nas raising all sorts of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ style questions. Both tracks are really enjoyable in their own right, yet bring two entirely different perspectives to the table. Teasing my iTunes with Guess Who’s Back again has left it craving for more pre-Get Rich 50. Drizzle a little bit of 90′s Nas onto that and you’ve got enough material to keep you going all night…

(N.B. – Nature and Bravehearts make capable cameos on their respective tracks).

50 Cent (feat Nas & Nature) – Too Hot

50 Cent (feat Nas & Bravehearts) – Who U Rep With (ZShare link – Mediafire couldn’t handle two 50/Nas tracks in one day)

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