R&B Fridays: Episode 46

Some very good music from new upcomers in this episode, and I expect you’ll definitely find a new artist to latch onto in here. Some stuff from R&B Fridays favourites such as Bruno Mars too of course, and plenty of it with a total of 21 tracks making the final cut for this episode.

Click on for that weekly R&B fix you’ve been begging for. Don’t pretend like you weren’t.

Jamie Foxx-Did We ft. Tank
-Kicking things off with a slow jam from Jamie Foxx. Really enjoying this one after a couple of listens, with the key being the progressive vocals that improve as the track goes on. Well-written too, and the emotions are conveyed well.

Ester Dean-Big Things ft. Chris Brown
-From that, let’s go into a big and brash club anthem! Similar to Ester Dean’s Drop It Low, but a lot more bearable for me as I found the sample used in DIL pretty annoying. Pretty bouncy stuff this, and definitely one that will get you moving.

Jennifer Lopez-On The Radio
-J-Lo adds a modern twist to an old track (you’ll know it when you hear it). Not too much to say on this one as its basically a cover version with a new beat. The beat is dancey, and not too bad.

Anthony Hamilton-Oh Lord
-Some soul music for your ears. Hamilton’s vocals have a really unique spiky effect to them, which compliments this easygoing, old school beat really well. The soul heads (like myself) will definitely enjoy this one, although younger R&B/pop fans might not find it to their liking.

-Indi’s not-so-secret love drops off some new music for fans to enjoy. Nice hook on this one for sure, surrounded by some decent verses and a likeable production. Decent effort all-round that will certainly have some fans.

Sean Paul-Down Di Line
-Not R&B, but not really warranting a post of its own given the quality of music released this week. Any other week it may have though as it’s not entirely awful, although it’s fairly typical Sean Paul stuff. Fans of his previous material will therefore enjoy this, but it won’t blow anyone away.

Bruno Mars-Turn Around
-Very pop-R&B sounds from Bruno on this, and as ever it’s good stuff. This sounds almost JLS-esque, both in production and lyrics/delivery. It’s good though, and if that is the case it says a lot about his talent that Bruno’s doing the job of 4 guys.

Kelly Rowland-Commander
-Potentially massive track for Kelly, and I mean seriously massive. This is ready-made for any dancefloor, and Rowland brings some huge vocals to this one. Pretty standard electro-based beat, enjoyable chorus, and hence is a good formula for success should she choose to release this.

Q. Parker-Do Over
-Q. Parker is the absolute master of smooth, chilled out R&B. His beat selection is impeccable, and he picks them perfectly for his voice. Summertime R&B at its finest, this airy beat is brilliantly complimented by Q’s drifting vocals. If you like this, definitely check some other Q material from past episodes.

Wynter Gordon-Good In Goodbye ft. Ryan Tedder
-The frontman of OneRepublic hooks up with upcomer Wynter for a very enjoyable slow-midtempo track. No pun intended here, but this is one of those tracks ideally suited to a Winter environment, and has more than a touch of Leona Lewis about it. High praise indeed, and certainly one to check out: I see potential in Wynter.

Solange-Cosmic Journey Remix ft. Bilal
-Really enjoying this. Solange delivers a sultry performance over a slow, driving beat with soul legend Bilal providing some well-delivered support throughout. This will be a little different to your usual fare, and hence has quite a unique appeal about it. Beginning to feel that Solange is criminally underrated.

Jamie Foxx-Not Yet ft. Rico Love and Mase
-Upbeat track from this trio, and a definite summer sound to it. Has an air of old-school Jagged Edge about it, and isn’t too bad at all. Nothing particularly wrong, nor outstanding, about this track but its a smooth, solid one to throw into a playlist.

Jennifer Lopez-Villain
-Liking this one. The-Dream/Tricky Stewart combo always means you get great writing and top production: this is no different. One of the stronger J-Lo tracks in recent memory, she adds some good inflections on her voice to convey the lyrics well and do justice to the beat.

LeMarvin-M.I.A. ft. Krys Ivory
-A lot of people are going to really enjoy this. Potential breakout hit for them both, the production is really simple and allows these guys to demonstrate their likeable voices. Switches up appropriately for the hook, which is pretty memorable too. Big potential here.

Day26-Try Again ft. Ryan Leslie
-The best band to come out of a reality show (yep, I said it) hook up with one of the most talented men around for a very good track. Absolutely nothing I don’t like about this; the beat is good, the lyrics are memorable and the vocals throughout are well delivered. Lots of replayability here.

Pitbull-Rubber On ft. LMFAO
-Yes, this is about condoms. Unsurpisingly, this isn’t something I’m going to be playing much ever but will probably go down well with lots of you! I won’t deny that it’s funny though, and it does make me laugh. What did you expect from this combo in fairness!

Mishon-Love Is On The Rise
-This young man is only 16. He released his first album at the age of 10! Definitely some talent here, and I expect comparisons to be made with Mario and Johnta Austin in terms of his style/voice. This is a really chilled joint, and with some nice vocals laced on top is a track that will keep me on alert for this kid.

-Another dance-inspired effort from Kelis’ upcoming album, and the more I hear the more I like this direction. The verses aren’t bad, but it’s the hook on this one that’s the killer. The beat switches to it brilliantly, and this sounds cut out for some club playtime.

Bruno Mars-Otherside
-This has an almost indie feel about it, but retains a soul sensibility very well. Really, really good blend of styles and it’s up there with the best Bruno Mars tracks to date. Absolutely love this one, with a lively and playful production that wraps around Bruno’s strong vocals very well.

Jennifer Lopez-Whippin’ My Hair
-A demo of this leaked over a year ago, originally by Rihanna and The-Dream. I assume this is another Dream/Tricky combination in that respect, and it’s a decent effort. Not completely my thing, but pop/pop-R&B fans will certainly enjoy this.

Lyfe Jennings-Used To Love Me
-Closing it off with some new Lyfe Jennings. Everyone knows the dude’s got a great voice, which he demonstrates capably throughout this one. I’m enjoying this mixture of soul and R&B sounds, a line which Lyfe generally blurs with his music.

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2 comments to R&B Fridays: Episode 46

  • ndash

    Love the Bruno Mars tune. He is going to be amazing. A big fan of your R&B fridays series.

  • Bruno will indeed be a very big deal. He’s already got a US#1 under his belt for the feature on B.o.B’s Nothin On You, so hopefully onward and upward for him.

    Appreciate the love for the series ndash. It’s probably the most popular ‘series’ we have on here, albeit definitely the quietest in terms of interactions/discussions.

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