Hate Is The New Love: Joe Budden vs The Game

Some of you may recall a post on this website several months ago with regards to Game’s history of battles with other rappers in his relatively short career (if not, click here). This episode, I’ll be giving you a more in depth review of his beef with fellow OTU favourite Joe Budden.

Click on to read this, as well as grabbing yourself a fair few high quality diss tracks from this battle.

Right then. The origins of this beef stem back to 2003, where 50 Cent apparently talked slick about Budden in an interview (sound familiar?). Budden, not being the sort to need an excuse to go all in, proceeded to drop a couple of tracks dissing the G-Unit General; including adding a verse onto a track by upcoming rookie The Game, which included the line:

“He should be in the G-Unit vid with all the gangsta actors”.

Now given that Game had just joined G-Unit’s roster, he felt it was his duty to handle this beef himself with 50 Cent perhaps feeling that dissing Budden on wax was beneath him (or maybe he didn’t want to fight a lyrical battle he could not win, but that’s another debate altogether). So, The Game came out with the ferocious track Street Hit. At this point in Game’s career, nobody had really heard a lot from him; he had no album out, very few mixtapes (which were all from his pre-Dr. Dre days, i.e. not very good), and no music videos of note. So, when I heard this track I was quite simply blown away. A fantastically basic beat with a heavy bass line which he uses expertly to draw more attention to what he’s saying on the track, whilst also emphasising the disdain he had for Budden.

Budden, not one to shun a challenge, responded with Game Over whereby he tears into Game and the rest of G-Unit. Joe mocks Game’s street credibility as well as his lyrical ability, and tells 50 Cent towards the end of the track to “stop sending your little f****** wack ass pawns”, whilst also sharing some derogatory words towards Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo.

With the ball back in Game’s court, he’d have to come back with something special in order to save being embarrassed…and that he did. Now, you remember last week I dropped a 20 minute Game track called 400 Bars, and how that it was the 4th in the series? Well, Game’s response to Joe Budden’s Game Over was the second track in that series, namely 200 Bars and Runnin’. This track was really what cemented Game as a credible rapper to me: 9 minutes long over a classic Big Pun beat. The storytelling and flow on this track are what hold your short attention spans for the duration of this track here, as he raps about how he went to New York and went in search for his new nemesis. I’ll let you enjoy the track for yourself though (remember you can download this, as well as the other diss tracks I’ve mentioned, at the bottom of this article).

The Game having felt that the beef was won, thought this would be the last track that he took aim at Joe Budden. However, Buddens being the stubborn man he is continued with his assault on G-Unit, releasing several more freestyles, with one highlight being a track he did over Fabolous’ excellent song, Breathe. Some good quotables from this, including:

“And I ain’t got beef with one gang, just one clown dude - who just got rid of his tongue ring”

“I know the truth can hurt you, but dawg you ain’t a Million Dollar Man, ni**a you just Virgil”

“Your gangsta’s cosmestic, it’s pathetic, synthetic, and nobody’s sympathetic, that means you shouldn’t a said it- mother******”

Not long after this, with both rappers claiming victory, the two of them deaded the beef after a chance encounter in a club (which is where the photo of this post’s pic is taken from). Being a massive fan of both artists, to this very day I’m unable to decide who actually won this (!), such was the quality of the tracks from both camps, in terms of lyricism, replayability and beat selection. Instead, you’ll have to make do with downloading these tracks below and deciding for yourself: poor you.

The Game – Street Hit

Joe Budden – Game Over

The Game – 200 Bars And Runnin’

Joe Budden – Breathe

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1 comment to Hate Is The New Love: Joe Budden vs The Game

  • i dont really mind the game hes cute, hes like tupac and easy e’s baby tryna creep up on a come up.

    joe budden on the other hand is possibly the realest most intelligent rapper in the rap game if not just alive then of all time so i think game had no choice but to kiss and make up. ofcourse ur gonna get the hardcore game fans that will try to justify how gangsta he is and that he could murk budden which even if it was true it would be the most irrelevant point in this situation. but like i said before i like game because hes funny not because hes a good rapper hes flow is weak his punchlines are terrible which joe budden already exposed i.e im cool like ac’s i smoke more than forest fires hahahahahaha that is nursery school rapping joe budden destroyed him and it wasnt even a diss track!!! 200 bars by game was good but i mean come on he probably worked on that track for about 5 years joe budden spits 100 bars in his mixtapes for fun honestly this argument was over before it began the only joey thing missed out was the nails in games coffin.

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