Hate Is The New Love: Eminem vs Everlast vs Limp Bizkit

Inspired by Ajay’s HITNL feature a few weeks back, up this week we have a bit of a cross-over beef between hip-hop fans-favourite Eminem, rapcore-rock band Limp Bizkit and House of Pain/La Coka Nosta spearhead, Everlast.

Although there are two alternative stories to how Eminem and Everlast’s beef started, it all stems from Em ignoring/not recognising Everlast at a concert back in 1999…

Taking offence, Everlast shot out at Eminem on Dilated Peoples’ Ear Drums Pop (Remix) rhyming “I buck a .380 on ones that act shady” and “You might catch a beatdown now where I come from”.

Eminem then released I Remember (Tribute To Whitey Ford) on the B-Side of D12’s I Shit On You which takes jabs at Everlast’s failing career.

Everlast responded with the out-of-line Whitey’s Revenge which addressed issues surrounding Em’s mother and Hailie. “Better run and check your kid for your DNA”. (A mistake Ja Rule later went on to replicate resulting in Em’s wrath on Bump Heads with 50/Busta)

In similar fashion Eminem responded with Quitter, where he warns Everlast of calling out his daughter. Quitter ends with Shady stating he is done with Everlast signalling an ending to the feud.

Simultaneously to all this runs Em’s beef with Limp Bizkit. Bizkit used to tour with Eminem (Up In Smoke and Anger Management tour) and became aware Em’s feud with Everlast was gaining momentum. Fred Durst and DJ Lethal seemed keen to jump on a diss (which turned out to be Quitter) aimed at Everlast. Em set up the studio time in LA only for neither Durst or Lethal not to turn up. (Durst claimed he was ill, whilst Lethal was still cool with Everlast from his House of Pain days). Em figured he would drop their names into the record anyway to strengthen the track’s credibility. The next thing Em knows is DJ Lethal is on TRL stating that toe to toe, Everlast would sort Em out in a fight.

Roll on Girls, a diss track specifically aimed towards Limp Bizkit. Nine years later and they are still to respond…

Beef Winner: Eminem. Although Everlast drops some nice lines on Whitey’s Revenge (“I take care of my moms, y’all get sued by yours.”), Em’s strength is evident on Quitter and he brings in some scornful facts and his use of mockery shows why he has been so successful in other feuds.

Eminem – I Remember (Tribute To Whitey Ford) (Everlast Diss)

Everlast – Whitey’s Revenge (Eminem Diss)

Eminem – Quitter (Everlast Diss)

Eminem – Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

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8 comments to Hate Is The New Love: Eminem vs Everlast vs Limp Bizkit

  • Great read. As an Em fan from a young age, there were always rumblings of this beef creeping into the mainstream, but being so young I never really ‘got it’ fully nor knew the cause/effect. Nice trip down memory lane!

  • ‘I Remember’ is a song that still creeps into my playlist every now and again. Absolutely adore that track.

  • Jay

    I don’t know Whitey’s Revenge had more too it with originality and deepness, as Quitter felt repetitious with a played out beat and had to have others to join because Em couldn’t do it himself, seems pretty lame. Tupac had did it already, don’t ride the coattails of an idea that’s already been done. Winner? I would say Everlast, not by much, but he won.

  • Mightywhiteyfarad

    Ev won. Ems tracks were funny and catchy, but ev’s was raw as fuk… Plus, as Jay put it, there was just no origionality from Em. He just took an old diss track(from somebody else)and switched the words around. Weak if you ask me.

  • Sydney Peters

    Em Won It! It Doesn’t Matter If Ems Tracks Were Funny Or Not!

  • Lizard

    Actually after Evidence released ,,Search for Bobby Fischer ” where he dissed Eminem (who dissed Dilated Peoples because of Everlast), Marshall didn’t really respond anyhow, that might just mean that everlast in one way won the beef.

  • Random guy

    Limp Bizkit won … Unlike eminem or everlast they didn’t make any butthurt songs trying to diss the other like little bitches. Eminem had no reason to include durst in girls anyway, and even making that track at all shows he is an oversensitive bitch. Lethal gave his opinion and eminem was butthurt … Everlast put in one line and eminem got butthurt, but everlast gave into the bullshit like a dumbass and to be honest him and eminem both had songs that were just butthurt bullshit trying to diss back at the other and get the last word. So winner limp bizkit. Bitches

  • Ali g

    Limp Bizkit won, they didn’t respond to the bullshit and feel threatened and go on the defensive like em did. It was sad because durst though that he and em was cool and to be honest em didn’t have any reason to put durst in girls anyway. He put lethal in because when lethal was interviewed he gave his honest opinion and em got butthurt. “Don’t put your two cents in” WTF? Everlast responded because em made an entire song dissing him … If em would’ve ignored everlasts two three lines on a song it would’ve been fine. Everlast was stupid to respond to ems pussy ass bullshit and frankly both of their songs trying to diss one another sucked major ass.

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