Fly Gypsy-FG*XL:remixtape Review and Download

As you well know by now, I don’t write album/mixtape reviews or feature articles unless it’s something very worthwhile. It’s a lot of time and dedication for me, so you know there’s a damn good reason behind it right? Right.

OTU followers will be familiar with this duo (and all you newcomers need to get educated, fast). We’ve followed them for quite some time, and they’ve really stepped their game up in the last 2/3 months with this remix project. If you’ve missed any of the utterly awesome remixes they’ve put out, click on to find the links for recapping.

Anywho, it’s time to unleash the entire project. 18 tracks of fantastic music from an unbelievable (you’ll agree, trust me!) range of genres that will cement these guys as ones to watch for 2010. If you don’t have time for the review, you can download the mixtape here. If you do, click on.

Where to start? The key to this is beat selection. A lot of remix projects come and go, and more often than not the track selection has some gaping holes and massive letdowns. No such issue here, with every track being recognisable (to me at least!) and worthy of inclusion. As mentioned above, they’ve not ‘played it safe’ and just stuck with easy hip-hop beats, but mixed it up with a bit of everything which guarantees that people will find something they’ll like.

No better example than the intro. Picking off the beat from Em/50/Dre’s Crack A Bottle, it’s a good choice for the opener and slides nicely into the pacey and energetic I Want It All. I reviewed that seperately here, be sure to check it out as it’s the perfect introduction to their abilities if you’re a newcomer. The I Wanna Rock remix lines up next, dropping that instantly-recognisable hard hip-hop beat, which as with the previous track is available seperately here (with a video too). Really like this remix, and it was this track that was a turning point for me in realising how much potential these guys have: consider the hundreds of rappers who remixed this track, and realise how much better than them this version is.

In true OTU fashion, Fly Gypsy throw in a leftfield throwback in the shape of a James Brown interlude. Nice touch, and further demonstrates their eclectic nature. As with the intro transition, we get a shift into a more uptempo track with Iyaz’s Replay undergoing the Fly Gypsy treatment. Alexei’s additions to the beat give this a little more of a hip-hop feel, which works for me. I found the original version of this track OK, but got annoyed by it fairly quickly: However, this is a timely refresh of the track and definitely one to replace the original.

We get another throwback, this time in the form of the legendary Prince, and once again it’s followed by a club banger: Akon and David Guetta’s Sexy Bitch. Anyone who has heard Kom rap a verse knows this is the sort of beat his style is suited for and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you liked the original, to any extent, you will definitely enjoy this remix. The pace is slowed for a Reflection Eternal remix, and this is a solid effort. It’s certainly not as outstanding as some of the other tracks on the tape, but I wasn’t massive on the original so maybe that’s pushing me in that direction. It’s still good, but they may be victims of their own success as some of the other tracks are exceptional by comparison.
The mood is picked up again with the previously-released Pretty Girls remix. I liked this when it dropped, and I’m a fan of the different direction in which they took this. The track already had a nice feel-good vibe, and they’ve done well to bring their own creativity to it without compromising that feel.

Given that there’s been more hip-hop than non hip-hop tracks, the addition of a remix of Robin Thicke’s soulful Sex Therapy is definitely a good move to keep the eclectic feel going. First time I’ve really heard Kom on this sort of track too, and he displays some good versatility. FG stay on their soulful tip, moving onto Melanie Fiona’s It Kills Me. This is definitely one of the more ‘obvious’ remixes on the tape, transforming it from a ballad into a Kanye West-esque hip-hop production. The remixed beat fits Kom well, and it’s a good all-round effort.

The next track both impresses and annoys me. Jay-Z’s Venus vs. Mars is the beat, and I did like the original beat but Alexei’s subtle touches make it even better. Great effort on this one, and Kom adjusts his voice nicely to it. However, it’s less than 2 minutes long, which is too short for something which sounded so good. Oh, the tease! Appropriately, they move to another Timbaland beat, although one I like considerably less. It has grown on me a little though, and as far as weak links go, it could be far worse. It is recovered though, as part way through the beat changes. I’ll leave that one as a surprise for you to see for yourself.

We move towards the closing stages with the fantastic Drop the World Remix. This was the last leak I offered from the mixtape up until today, and I wanted to keep it that way due to the sheer quality of it. If anything convinces you to grab this tape, that track will. The final track is the most genre-bending of the bunch, and even Kom says so himself from the off: ‘Fly Gypsy and Green Day?!’. The Know Your Enemy remix is one hell of a display of versatility, as Kom holds his own on this punk effort. Great flows on this one.

We’re rounded off by the Crack A Bottle instrumental again, and followed by 2 bonus tracks that you can have a go at yourself. Throughout this fantastic project, something that is recurrent is the sheer ability of these guys individually:

-Kom dominates each and every track. Not only does he possess versatile flow and ever-relevant lyrics (an enviable combination), he literally takes over on vocal duty in terms of quantity, and really makes sure this is a worthwhile remix project as opposed to the odd verse lazily thrown in. If you can find me another rapper who has successfully taken on this range of beats with such skill, I’d be impressed if they weren’t already making millions.

-Anyone with an ear for a beat has to be giving Alexei some incredible props after this project: how do you manage to leave fully completed original productions untouched (for the most part), and then add in elements to improve them? It’s a pure form of remixing, and instead of replacing the beat (or adding elements for the sake of saying he had a hand in it), we’re treated to worthwhile and seperated additions to the tracks which genuinely embellish the production with or without Kom’s vocals. A great display of production ability.

Here’s the frightening thought: They’re fantastic individuals, but they’re far from seperated. The two are Fly Gypsy in equal measure and with that sort of talent, you’ve got something pretty special ready to emerge.

(If you don’t want to scroll up, download the tape here)

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