Eminem's New Single: I'm Not Afraid and Recovery Artwork

Another treat for you here, new single by Eminem- and it’s pretty damn good. There are a few DJ tags over this. You know we don’t normally post that, but this couldn’t be ignored. Don’t worry though, we’ll post a proper quality one when available.
Edit: Bringing this back to the top because we have the CD quality version without the annoying DJ drops. Click here to get hold of it.

Em usually comes out with a silly/fun 1st single. In fact he’s done that for every album he’s released. Not this time, this is a serious track, which are the types of songs I think Eminem does best. On the basis of his recent tracks, and now this, his new album Recovery promises to be immense.

2nd edit (Ajay-182): Added the album artwork for you all too.

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6 comments to Eminem’s New Single: I’m Not Afraid and Recovery Artwork

  • OTU’s on some serious exclusive shit as of late.

  • Two parts to this track.

    Top notch beat which compliments Em’s top notch delivery.

    The singing bit. Why?

  • Yeah, the singing is a bit weird. The verses are great though:

    “And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again.. I’m back!
    I promise to never go back on that promise.
    In fact let’s be honest, that last relapse album was ‘meeeh’,
    Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground,
    RELAX, I aint going back to that now.
    What I’m trying to say is get back, click-clack, BOW!”


  • Nice to hear an artist listening to his fans. Seems mind boggling they don’t. It’s a bit like a multinational company releasing a worldwide product without any market research.

  • You know you’re revising too hard when you’re comparing rappers and global corporations.

    Also, I don’t mind the singing bit. Adds a sort of motivational aspect, and gives it something for the non-heads to mime along to.

  • For what it’s worth. I really approve of this track. Go Em!

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