Drake's Second Single - Find Your Love [Produced By Kanye West]

Great beat by Kanye, sounds very 808s & Heartbreaks like. Just from that you can gather that this is much more on an R&B tip than Drake’s 1st single, Over. Yeah enough analysis, this is going to be a massive hit for Drizzy Drake, you’re going to want to check this one out. Click below to get the track.

Drake – Find Your Love

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3 comments to Drake’s Second Single – Find Your Love [Produced By Kanye West]

  • I’m really liking this. First time we’ve really heard Drake do his R&B thing without being a little downbeat or mellowed, and it seems to work really well. There’s a nice uptempo, summery edge on this one, which is pretty good given that we’re used to more introspective stuff on these 808s-style beats (as you rightly said).

  • Dan B

    Actually love this tune ajay

  • Good man. Indi’s the one to thank for dropping this one early, seeing as I fell asleep on the job!

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