Brand Spankin' New: Shyne

So Shyne is officially back. After his prolonged stint behind bars, Shyne has signed a multi-million dollar deal with industry powerhouse L.A. Reid’s Def Jam label.

Messiah is Shyne Po’s first single since returning home (he has been deported back to his homeland of Belize) and although there’s a lot of hate flowing around the forums today, the more I listen to this, the more I’m starting to feel it.

The noticeable thing Shyne fans will realize is that his voice has changed. Get over it. It’s deeper, more husky and emanates an element of suffering which compliments Shyne’s lyricism. The beat? Hmm. Not sure yet. It’s got that old school video-gaming feel but it’s not clubby and this makes me happy. It seems as if Shyne is just eager to up-date his old sound for something more contemporary, yet still retaining that street formula.

With exemplary foresight, this drop coincides perfectly with Thursday’s Throwback so stay tuned…

Shyne – Messiah

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2 comments to Brand Spankin’ New: Shyne

  • Im abit disappointed with this to be honest. You would have thought that his first single after serving time would be Hard hip-hop.

  • I like the beat of this and I do think it’ll grow on me….I just can’t get over his change of flow and voice. To me he sounds almost like he’s trying to imitate (a slower) Rick Ross. I miss Shyne’s energy. However, hip hop changes everyday – it would be naive to think Shyne would sound exactly like he did before he got locked up.

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