B.o.B, Eminem and Hayley Williams-Airplanes Part 2

Here’s the deal: A few tracks have leaked from the album in the last few days, but I’m not dropping them. However, I will give you this one for three reasons:

1. I only let you stream pt. 1
2. I cruelly teased you with a snippet
3. I guarantee this will make you want to go get that album next week to get the final, higher quality version of the track

Guess what? This track is absolutely awesome. More sombre than the original, the beat has a couple of switches, whilst Hayley’s hook is still incredible and Bobby’s changed his verses to good effect too.

…Oh right, the Eminem verse? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. As if you expected anything less, you chump.

B.o.B-Airplanes pt.2 ft. Hayley Williams and Eminem

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