2010: An Indie Odyssey

Seeing as this is my first post on OTU, I believe a look at times ahead for indie is in order! Times of veritable excitement these are too, so exciting in fact that I literally had a crisis when I saw the just who was releasing music in the summertime. In anticipation of this, here are the three albums that I expect to dominate playlists over the coming months…..

First on the list of exciting summer prospects; Total Life Forever, the upcoming album from Oxford Indie/Math Rock band Foals. Set for release on May 10th, TLF is the bands second album release and follow up to the critically acclaimed Anitidotes, one of my favorite albums of 2008!

Some interesting comments emerged from the band members upon recording the album in Sweden, describing some of the sounds of the new album as “tropical prog” and “like the dream of an eagle dying”…..  Pretty evocative stuff, and all round a prospect that will turns heads, raise ears, and no doubt enlighten dying eagles throughout the indie rock scene. I listened to the drop of the promo song Spanish Sahara when it was leaked a few months back, and was pleasantly surprised by its euphorically mellow introduction, the spiky and vulnerable vocals, and the progression of the song into a deep and rhythmic riff that evokes one of those anthemic introspective ‘moments’. Basically, I fully expect mouths to water over the next few weeks over what may turn out to be THE album of the summer.

Kele Okereke’s debut as a solo artist is the second subject of much intruiged mooting. Being a massive fan of all things Bloc Party, I simply cannot wait to hear what style Kele adopts for this record! Bloc Party’s three existing albums provide a dynamic tapestry of musical styles; the raw and atmospheric alternative sounds of Silent Alarm, the anthemic indie-rock influences in A Weekend In The City, moving through dance/electro/dubstep in Intimacy. The latter of which I think is where Kele’s musical heart truly lies, and wouldnt be at all surprised to hear this album deliver dubstep-esque rythms, combined with the typical starkness typical of Kele’s vocals. The Boxer is due for release on the 21st of June, with its first single Tenderoni available for download on the 14th. Stay posted for updates…

The third entity on this here list is one of which there is precious little information: The Strokes’ fourth album. The album itself is due for release in September, and as a date has not yet been put forward for its release, its is already one of the most anticipated album in indie music since…. well, since First Impressions Of Earth. The band have been writing/recording for over a year now, and are now said to be in the latter stages of compiling the finished product.

Since their inception, The Strokes have broken the mould in music, defining genres and pushing boundaries. Even the way in which they go about recording this album is different: Julian Casablancas is said to be absent for the recording of the musical side of the record, quoted to have said he feels that it would allow the musicians of the band to “spread their wings”, before his vocals are eventually added. Basically, I’m pumped for this album, I can’t wait to hear the first snippets from it, and I’ll be posting as soon as any new information on its release becomes available.

2010 offers many more releases from emerging acts aswell as established ones, so keep posted for the latest reviews and info that I will no doubt be creaming over.

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