Throwback Thursdays Vol 19

At the risk of alienating some of my audience, although this week’s throwback won’t be an instantly recognisable classic, Black Moon’s work was highly influential as the genre progressed and therefore it is imperative we give them the props they desire.

Without spending too much time on the periphery to their debut effort Enta Da Stage (1993), the album is overlooked in comparison with other East Coast greats (you should know by now which ones I am referring to), but is very much considered an underground classic and assisted in the East’s resurgence.

The trio Black Moon, led by entrepreneur Buckshot, fellow rhymester 5ft and DJ Evil Dee (who later went on to produce for the likes of Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Eminem) recorded Enta Da Stage at the famous D&D Studios between ’92 and the album’s October 1993 release date.

The lead single, Who Got Da Props, akin to much of the LP is loaded with violent perspectives accompanied by a deep basslined yet funky old-school flavoured loop knitted together with their signature ‘Black Moon Hooks’; consisting of the arrangement of a large number of people in the booth who simultaneously howl their lyrics.

This may sound like a combination from hell, but I can assure you Black Moon manage to pull it off with tremendous effect and their sound has been replicated and lyrics sampled in hip-hop work even as far up as to today (Jedi Mind Tricks’ Speech Cobras sample lyrics from How Many MC’s…).

The Source magazine writer Cheo H. Coker sums up Enta Da Stage perfectly:

“ The only term that adequately describes Black Moon’s smooth combination of funky jazz rhythms and ferocious vocals is ‘elegant madness.’ ”

We agree.

Black Moon – Who Got Da Props

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

Hoping Indi isn’t going to drop this as a Classic Collabo between now and next Thursday. The track itself sees two heavyweight rap cliques go up against each other in a somewhat pre-conceived, studio-born rap battle. The lead lyricist from one of the groups, with the help of super-producer Dr. Dre, has made the successful crossover to mainstream hip-hop. Think you know it yet?

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