R&B Fridays: Episode 38 Leftovers

As I alluded to on Friday, here are the tracks that I had to cut from that episode. I didn’t want to cut them as a lot of them could have made any other episode, but it was simply a time constraint and the fact that having a 30-40 track episode would have been impossible for you to read.

Click on for 14 more tracks to see you through until Friday.

Estelle-Lights of the City
-This is OK. It’s unreleased Estelle so it’s worth checking out, and it’s alright all-round.

J. Holiday-Lames
-Taking aim at a bunch of people, Holiday makes some valid points in this lyrical piece of R&B.

Jacquees-U Must Be Crazy ft. T.I.
-Given that this has a T.I. verse, the rest of the track probably doesn’t hold up as much as it should.

Ciara-I’m Up In The Bank ft. The-Dream
-Potential grower, and one that could have an impact in the clubs if it gets released.

Ryan Leslie-Here She Comes Again
-Not as strong as the 2 unreleased tracks in Ep.38, but another one that’s still worth checking out.

Trazz-Internet Love ft. Lloyd
-Lloyd fully destroys this hook, great work. Dunno what a Trazz is though.

Karina Pasian-All I Ever Think About Is You
-This lady is very talented. This is a Chrisette Michele cover, and it’s soulful as hell.

Jason Derulo-Billie Jean (Live Cover)
-Half-decent effort, and Derulo gives it a good go with some decent vocals at times.

R. Kelly-Tonight
-Unreleased track, and it’s not bad at all. It’s got club-esque lyrics, but a pretty chilled beat which is a nice mix.

Ricky Blaze-I Feel Free Remix Ft. Ron Browz, Red Cafe & Nicki Minaj
-This confuses me a bit, as the original was released over a year ago and now we get a remix. The original was a bit of a guilty pleasure track for me, and I’m enjoying the remix just as much.

Justin Bieber-Eenie Meenie ft. Sean Kingston
-I’m not going to listen to this tbh.

Keri Hilson-She Ain’t Me
-Really good track from Keri. This beat is cracking, and Keri brings some nice lyrics/vocals.

-As with the R. Les track above, this probably isn’t as good as the stuff that made the main episode but such the artist’s quality that it’s still worth checking out.

Lyrical Eye-It’s Official Ft. Casely, Marka & Sway
-Club banger, although I don’t know anything about Lyrical Eye. Catchy hook, dancey beat.

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