Hate Is The New Love: T.I. vs Lil Flip

This beef ignited in the summer of 2004 when T.I. made a surprise appearance at a Summer Jam event (everyone thought he was still in prison). Not only did he perform his two hit records at that time (his feature on Memphis Bleek’s Round Here track and Rubber band Man) he also came out and started dissing Lil Flip, challenging him to come up on stage to face him (Lil Flip was also at this event). The reason for this? Well apparently whilst T.I. was locked up, Lil Flip took exception to T.I. proclaiming himself to be ‘King of The South’ and was dissing him during his own shows. This lead to many tracks and freestyles towards each other, including Lil Flip dissing T.I. on freestyles he performed as a guest on Tim Westwood’s radio show. The rivalry culminated with an altercation between the two and their entourages.

Click below for the best diss track each of these rappers brought out against each other (the Lil Flip track is actually a feature on a Game track, where Game is dissing Memphis Bleek – more on that beef here)

The Game – State Your Name ft. Lil Flip & Cassidy

T.I. – 99 Problemz (ButLil Flip Ain’t One)

No prizes for guessing who came out on top after this beef.

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