Hate Is The New Love: NWA vs Ice Cube

N.W.A, commonly known as the pioneers of gangsta rap, were one of if not the most controversial rap group of all time (Wu-Tang might have something to say about that though). From 1986 to 1991 had been banned from many radio stations, stopped from going on tours and even received letters from the FBI due to the nature of the lyrical content of their songs. Despite this, the group sold over 9 million records in the US alone. In early 1990, Ice Cube felt he wasn’t being paid right, considering he wrote almost half of N.W.A’s most successful album.

Click on to carry on reading and to grab some of hip hop’s greatest diss tracks.

N.W.A’s second album, EFIL4ZAGGIN, was littered with disses towards Ice Cube, the ferocity of some of the lines showed real animosity towards their former group member and friend, for example:

“When we see yo’ ass, we gon’ cut yo’ hair off and fuck you with a broomstick” – MC Ren

Ice Cube, who previously kept quiet on the subject of his former crew, struck back twice as hard, most notably on his Death Certificate album with the track No Vaseline where he tore through each of his former friends one by one throughout the song.

Not long after this battle Dr. Dre was to leave N.W.A for the same reasons as Cube did which spawned another massive battle, but we’ll save that one for another week. Click the links below to grab hold of the very definition of classic beef tracks.

N.W.A – Message To B.A. (skit)

N.W.A – Real Niggaz

Ice Cube – No Vaseline

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2 comments to Hate Is The New Love: N.W.A vs Ice Cube

  • Awesome. And you’re definitely right with regard to them being the most controversial rap group ever.

    No Vaseline was a scathing classic.

  • I remember when I was a lot younger and didn’t really ‘get’ hip-hop/know much about the beef, No Vaseline used to make me laugh because it mentioned Vaseline.

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