Fly Gypsy Take On Wayne/Em's Drop The World

Another week, another fantastic Fly Gypsy remix. This time it’s one of the biggest collabs of recent times, and as ever they’ve added a unique twist. Alexei adds some guitar riffs on top of the existing production, which definitely adds a raw element to the track which fits really well.

It’s crazy to say it, but Kom’s verse really fits in alongside these two heavyweights. He drops his usual relaxed flow for an intense delivery, which shifts speeds at various points really well. It’s a good verse lyrically too, and genuinely fits in superbly with the original. I’ll probably be playing this instead of the original, as the additions are really worthwhile. Undefeated at 4-0 on the remixes as far as I’m concerned.

Fly Gypsy-Drop The World ft. Lil’ Wayne and Eminem

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