Drake and The-Dream Shut It Down

This was one of the more anticipated tracks from Thank Me Later, and it’s pretty good. Before you read on though, keep in mind this is not the final album version. As with most pre-album leaks, there will be tweaks (and a quality increase) for the album version.

The beat will catch you off-guard a little, and Drake starts off with that same sort of off-beat flow he uses on Over. This track grows and gets better as it goes along, and sounds exactly like a few of the better tracks (Lust For Life and Houstatlantavegas) from So Far Gone. Definitely Drake’s slightly more chillout side (which I’m a big fan of), and Dream works really well in this style too. If you liked the aforementioned tracks, you’ll really like this. For those of you who just like some good chilled stuff, I’d check this out no matter your genre preference.

Drake-Shut It Down ft. The-Dream

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