Two More DJ Khaled Tracks

Khaled’s album has caught more leaks than…a leaky…pipe? Bucket?

Anyway, yeah. Two joints below, and the features on both give me some hope that they should be alright. Specifically looking forward to the Luda verse and seeing what the recently-deported Shyne has to say.

DJ Khaled-All I Do Is Win ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross

DJ Khaled-All My Life ft. Akon, Shyne and Mavado

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1 comment to Two More DJ Khaled Tracks

  • I always highly anticipate new material from rappers who have just left prison. You would imagine it gives them plenty of time to write some real nice rhymes and plenty of subject matter to speak on. Let’s hope Shyne doesn’t get too caught up in that 50 beef which emerged a few years back.


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