Throwback Thursdays Vol 12

A few weeks back we did Kool G Rap; an artist who has arguably influenced the most artists in hip-hop. This week we’re looking at someone who without, we wouldn’t have even heard those artists.

MC Serch. Read on folks.

MC Serch (feat Red Hot Lover Tone, Nas & Chubb Rock) – Back To The Grill

Serch’s contributions to the genre are as follows:

He mentored hardcore, underground quintet Non Phixion as an up and coming group and got D.I.T.C’s O.C. his first recording contract after hearing him on Organized Konfusions’ Fudge Pudge. Serch is perhaps most well known however for executive producing Nas’ Illmatic. Illmatic, the greatest hip-hop album of all time? Yeah, Serch made that happen. Alongside his work with 3rd Bass, he is recognised as a DJ and a TV show host. You might say MC Serch has made quite the contribution to hip-hop.

This week’s throwback is Back To The Grill the second single from Serch’s debut solo album Return Of The Product (1992). It features a medley of talent; with Serch himself on the track accompanied by a young Nas (on one of his first appearances on wax), Red Hot Lover Tone and ‘second-generation’ Crooklyn Dodger, Chubb Rock.

Back To The Grill is a funky, old-school tune with a catchy chorus. The beat allows each MC to do their own thing and somehow it manages to accommodate the contrasting styles of all four artists. The video is interesting because of how Serch portrays Nas. Although the video is bouncy and energetic, when Nas appears the black-and-white offsetting creates a serious persona of God’s Son distancing him from the nutty video. The thing that startled me was how simple video effects create the contrast between old-school hip-hop and mid-90’s hip-hop. I’m sure this is something Serch did intentionally with the upcoming Illmatic in the back of his mind.

Even with the all-star line-up, my favourite verse has to be Chubb Rock’s. Some classic quotables, possibly the best being:

“…coz YOU, are a BLABBERMOUTH!”

Classic awesomeness.

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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Born in Harlem, considered by many as one of the most skilled MC’s of all time.

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