Rihanna-Rude Boy Video

OK, a few things. Rihanna definitely swacks M.I.A.’s thing in this video. However, credit to Rih for making it a little different by incorporating some nice Caribbean elements too. She busts out one or two nice moves too (2:20 is kinda dope). Most importantly, she actually exhibits some personality in this video which always makes for easier viewing.

I still haven’t checked out her album, so this track is new to me…and I like it! There’s something addictive about it, especially the beat which is pretty fresh. The lyrics are so slutty, even for Rihanna, but it makes for pretty shocking and compelling listening (if you’re male anyway).

Definitely my new guilty pleasure track, and the video is pretty cool too despite biting M.I.A. hard. Rihanna has done some right for a change, and this is a certified club banger right here.

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