R&B Fridays: Episode 34

Mixture of tracks this week, with a couple of new artists (to this site at least) making appearances. As well as them, there’s big names such as Lloyd (with an official remix of Bedrock), J.Lo and more.

Click below for your weekly R&B fix.


-A charity single from Ne-Yo, whereby every free download results in some contribution from Macy’s or something. Really like this track, and it’s a mellow track with a nice motivational edge. Ne-Yo’s got a new album coming this summer, and I’m looking forward to it based on this.

Jason Derulo-Outta This World
-The track starts a little slowly and takes some time to get going, but it does build into a decent chorus. Simple enough beat which works well.

Brutha-One Day On This Earth
-Looks like R. Kelly has been gracious enough to let these guys have his track that didn’t make Untitled. I preferred the R. Kelly version as the production was much richer, but this is definitely a nice version. It’s much slower, which probably does fit the lyrics a little better.

Usher-Daddy’s Home (Ted Smooth Remix) ft. Jadakiss
-One of my favourite remixers right now takes on one of my favourite R&B tracks right now. It’s not as good as the original, but definitely one that those of a hip-hop disposition will digest a little easier.

Lady GaGa-Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)
-Dunno if this is new or unreleased, but it’s not bad at all. GaGa and her piano do most of the work, as the other production elements are kept fairly simple. Not the crazy GaGa most would expect, and a surprisingly mellow and likeable track.

Lil’ Jon-Miss Chocolate ft. R. Kelly & Mario
-Final version of this track with Mario replacing Claude Kelly from the previous leak,which I may have forgotten to post. Just as well really.

Beyoncé-Ice Cream
-The mastering on this isn’t the best and her vocals are quite low, but it sounds alright. Very Destiny’s Child-esque sound to it.

Lloyd-Bedrock pt.2 (YG Mix) ft. Drake & Lil’ Wayne
-The massive Young Money hit gets an upgrade that will allow me to listen to it: The Young Money deadwood is cut in favour of extra Lloyd verses-win! Definitely one that fans of the original should look to get.

Jason Derulo-Message In A Bottle
-Dedicated readers will remember Derulo’s She Flies Me Away from October. This is the exact same beat/verses, but with a different hook. Not sure which one I prefer, as the new chorus is a little bit obvious in this as the volume changes.

Jennifer Lopez-Greatest Part Of Me
-All kinds of good. Like this beat a lot, and I’m enjoying her vocals/lyrics on this one. Very memorable hook too, and one which could make this song a big deal for J.Lo.

Akon-Oh Africa ft. Keri Hilson
-Another one I’m really liking, and I’d be very surprised if this song doesn’t make some sort of appearance at the World Cup this summer. Very good track with a good mixture of energetic, motivational and progressive elements.

Esmée Denters-007 On You
-RedOne, a producer who’s becoming rapidly massive (he did most of GaGa’s good stuff), drops another banger here. Denters definitely does the beat justice with some well-delivered vocals, although the hook does leave a little bit to be desired.

Pitbull-Pearly Gates ft. Nayer
-Oh God. Pitbull samples another well-known dance track, this time using DJ Sammy’s Heaven. The original became annoying enough, and I absolutely guarantee that this is going to be played to death absolutely everywhere. Unfortunately for me. Most of you lot will love this though.

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