It Never Rains, But It Pours- A Tempest Mega Post

Soulja Boy can’t write like me, Michael Jackson can’t write at all like me, Rigid Beave can’t write like me…

I realise its been mass radio silence from me lately, I’d claim I have been busy, but in reality I’ve been drunk and lazy, often both.

So here is a self proclaimed Mega Post of what I’ve been listening to recently. To find out if Soulja Boy can in fact write like me…

First things first, how many of you noticed in the “On Rotation Now” ticker that I had slung B*Witched in there? Hopefully everyone, there’s no excuse for not loving The-Witched.

And here begins the mega post. As you may have seen a few seconds ago while waiting to find out if I was lying about B*Witched, I have actually been listening to Frank Turner recently. He/the band were recommended to me by a moderately attractive female, which of course has more credibility than a tubbster. I promptly downloaded went out and bought everything he’s done, and have been listening to the newest album Poetry of The Deed. My favourite track atm is Live Fast, Die Old, it’s a jaunty tune that’s nicely put together and he’s English, so double bonus.

Frank Turner- Live Fast Die Old

Next up is another uni assignment-induced find, as I can’t seem to work at all (I can barely work to begin with, my words per hour ratio is tragic) to music with lyrics, especially ones that I know. Hence why post rock is ace. I’ve posted stuff from my favourite post rock outfit Explosions In The Sky before. Four Tet (like quartet yeah, megalolz in the mega post!) are pretty sick. Their newest album, which is also in my rotation pictures, is called There Is Love In You and is a decent album with a plethora of likeable tracks. I’ll give you Angel Echoes for your listening.

Four Tet- Angel Echoes

9 hours driving a minibus to Southampton and back (3-0 victory though, boom!) gave me time to listen to DJ Earworm after I posted that 2009 remix here. I downloaded some other stuff (for free) from his website. A bonza mix is one comprising of The Fray covering Kanye West, combined with The Police (Message In a Bottle) and unfortunately the Black Eyed Peas.

DJ Earworm- Heartless

Motion City Soundtrack released a new full LP recently, entitled My Dinosaur Life, God knows what the name is about. Pulp Fiction is my pick from this, decent pace and pointless lyrics. Cracking. “God damn, these killings are gorgeous”. Has anyone seen my emu?

Motion City Soundtrack- Pulp Fiction

Looks like post rock is making more appearances in my music collection than ever now, with Mogwai’s Auto Rock being another of my recent favourites. This one from their 2006 album Mr. Beast. Shame they’re Scottish eh?

Mogwai- Auto Rock

Olden but golden. If you don’t have The Streets‘ remix of Bloc Party‘s Banquet you really should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. For those of you that don’t know, this is a song about Mike Skinner stealing a mic from Radio 1 when he was on Jo Wiley’s show. The story is that the mic was used to record most of A Grand Don’t Come For Free, and then he returned it. The video is pretty funny, worth a watch.

Bloc Party- Banquet (Streets Remix)

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